Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Angle 27 - July - 2007

News others won't tell you


Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour
Hagee stressed the need for a preemptive military attack on Iran to "prevent a nuclear holocaust" as he introduced Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to thunderous applause from the crowd. Lieberman compared Hagee to Moses and pointed out a visiting Rick Santorum as a "worker for what is good in our society."

Gonzales Probed, Rove Subpoenaed
Hopefully it's an anal probe!

Activists pressuring Georgia to free Genarlow Wilson
The NAACP is also calling for the ouster of the Douglas County District Attorney, David McDade. Genarlow Wilson’s case is steadily gaining national attention, as Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, in his address at a NAACP convention held in Detroit July 12, made mention of the disparity between Mr. Wilson’s case and the commuting of former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison term.

FBI to recruit thousands of covert informants
The FBI expects its informants to provide secrets about possible terrorists and foreign spies, although some may also be expected to aid with criminal investigations, in the tradition of law enforcement confidential informants.

Guard numbers on border to be halved
As I have told many, there will be no legalization or amnesty. If They make the Hispanics legal then they have to pay them. Then they have to work under the rules that WE set up.
No more seven workers for the price of one. No more working 16 hours a day.

Baboon Hunting Season Open
Bush's executive orders read like the most diabolical sci-fi novel and outline such a drastic surgery to the US that it should be enough to start an exodus. But, of course, the yank doesn't read, apart from thick-font tabloid headlines, and it's unlikely any of the Bush media whores are going to cover this, as the pro-US vacuous tit-bouncing lip-inflated bimbos have lied for the last at least 7 years 24/7. So don't expect any serious awakening of the sleeping giant genitally-mutilated baboon here.

Obama Tries to Turn Clinton Words on Her


Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable cruise missile


New U.S. Embassy rises in Iraq
"It's all for them, all of Iraq's resources, water, electricity, security," said Raid Kadhim Kareem, who has watched the buildings go up at a floodlighted site bristling with construction cranes from his post guarding an abandoned home on the other side of the Tigris River. "It's as if it's their country, and we are guests staying here."
Slave labor used to contruct U.S. Embassy In Baghdad.
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Conservative blog: It's time to take Fredo fishing
No, Alberto Gonzales should not be offed. Let me repeat that: No one should kill, wound, or even try to temporarily inconvenience the life functions of the current Attorney General of the United States. But the man President Bush calls "Fredo"--was a Presidential nickname ever more apt?--should at long last be invited to spend more time with his family. Much more time. He should be a Soccer Dad, a Harry Potter Dad, a Couch Potato, Sleeping Late In The Morning The Better To Avoid Any Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings He Might Accidentally Stumble Into Dad, a Dad who doesn't leave the Gonzales family compound for any reason whatsoever without legions upon legions of intelligent adults accompanying him in a supervisory capacity.

Voice of the White House July 19, 2007
The Democrats are pussy-futting around, enraging the electorate who elected them to stop the crazy Bush from further manic bloodshed. Recruitment has tanked, the Surge is a total flop, Republicans are hysterical with fear and about 30% of the staff has quit the Monkey Palace with more desertions planned. I still think the only thing to do is to impeach both Bush and Cheney but the Democrats are too frightened and too busy looking for more lobbyist money to be worth more than a pinch of sour owl shit.”

Clarence Thomas: a Lost Cause – Part II
It is ironic that Thomas would rule out the use of race in all but the most extreme circumstances when he has advanced all the way to the Supreme Court largely because of his race.In their book, “Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas,” Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher observe: “Every Thomas employer, from Danforth, who gave him his first job, to President George H.W. Bush, who nominated him to the Supreme Court, chose Thomas at least partly because he is black. Race is a central fact of his meteoric rise, and Thomas has alternately denied it and resented it –all the way to the top.”


Rethink the old Slavemaster-Slave relationship
It appears that integration has only meant the surrendering of our dollars to others so that they can enhance their lives while our businesses close and our problems remain unattended. We must look like a very foolish people in the eyes of others who nurse themselves to economic strength on our earnings and then abandon us and ridicule us as they advance and leave us further behind. We need to turn constructively inward, pool our resources intellectually and financially, and begin to build a future for ourselves and our children. We must patronize ourselves, as others patronize themselves.


More Apple "IPhone" Security Flaws Exposed by "Globalist" Security Company


Within this 800 page rule the FDA states, “We find that this final rule will have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.... Establishments with above average costs, and even establishments with average costs, could be hard pressed to continue to operate.


Roasted Zucchini and Radishes
Radishes, when roasted, lose their bite and perfectly complement the mellow sweetness of cooked zucchini.


In Hurricane Katrina's surreal backwaters
Around the block from the corner of Forstall and Galvez in the Lower Ninth Ward, a ragtag armada of pirogues, sailboats and motorboats stripped of their engines sit on a dusty curb. Though they may have once been used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to rescue flood victims, their next cue will be as props for "Black Water Transit," a Hollywood "post-Katrina gunrunning thriller" once slated to star Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, now set to feature Lawrence Fishburne and Karl Urban. Production workers have also built a "wrecked" house from the ground up at this desolate corner in the city's hardest-hit neighborhood.

'Cavemen' Series Gets a New Criticism: It's Racist
As the show's pilot episode began circulating in Hollywood, so did a new round of criticism: that Cavemen trafficked in the very racial caricatures it was supposed to be lampooning. By depicting the Cro-Magnons as good dancers, great athletes and grand sexual partners, the show's detractors argued, Cavemen was using black stereotypes for cheap racist laughs. "We finally get to laugh at all the stereotypes in the world directed at cavemen, without feeling guilty," wrote one Hollywood blogger.


This Modern World

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The window of opportunity is nearly closed.

Iran fist-in-glove with Iraqi rebels: America builds its case
US military spokesmen, officials and analysts are gradually adding flesh to the bones of allegations of official Iranian collaboration with Shia and Sunni insurgents in Iraq, including elements linked to al-Qaida. The development comes amid reports that the White House is leaning towards military action against Iran over its suspect nuclear activities and supposed meddling in Iraq, and growing expectations that George Bush will extend the military "surge" to at least next summer.

Do you believe this? Watch developments on this closely. And prepare your children for what's to come. These peoplpe have told us this is a war without end. America is engaged in Ethnic Cleansing on a global scale. Look at who they are attacking, the natural resources they are appropriating, and what you are being set up for.

The military in recent weeks has said that the "surge" is not sustainable. They DON'T have the personnel for it to last much longer. This gang of criminals has shown that they are determined not only to continue down this path, but to increase the destruction. While they have focused attention on Iraq, there have been covert actions in Iran, they have set up an Africa Command and inserted themselves into many countries on that continent covertly and overtly.

This nation is patroling the seas off Africa! WHY!

This nation just agreed to give India Nuclear material! WHY!

This nation is now GUARDING the largest opium harvest in recent memory! WHY!

This nation is leading the charge to subvert a duly elected goernment in Palestine! An electon that THEY insisted on! WHY!

You are being set up and you children and grandchildren will pay the price for your lack of action. After the next false flag attack on our country, martal law will be instituted, elections will be cancelled, the draft will be reinstated.

The window of opportunity is nearly closed.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Angle 21 - July - 2007

News others won't tell you

History was made on this day:
- 160 civil right activists jailed after demonstration in Albany, Georgia.


Cindy McKinney & 2x Standard?
Republican Rep. Christopher Shays apologized Friday for a loud and angry altercation he had a day earlier with a Capitol Police officer, saying he behaved “in a way I know was not appropriate.”
Shays spokesman John Cardarelli said the incident took place at the West Front entrance to the Capitol during a rainstorm when the congressman was trying to locate a group of his Connecticut constituents who were coming for a Capitol tour.

Obama Says He Would Walk Picket Line
`We are facing a Washington that has thrown open its doors to the most anti-union, anti-worker forces we've seen in generations,'' Obama said in remarks prepared for delivery Saturday night. ``What we need to make real today is the idea that in this country we value the labor of every American.''

Police Beating Trial Draws to a Close
The four men are accused of violating the civil rights of Frank Jude Jr., 28, and his friend Lovell Harris, 34, during a housewarming party for one of the officers in October 2004.
Jude, who is biracial, and Harris, who is black, claim they heard racial slurs from the group of mostly white men while Jude was beaten.

Former Panamanian Leader Noriega May Face Extradition
President George H. W. Bush authorized U.S. forces to arrest Noriega during their Dec. 19, 1989 invasion of the Central American nation based on a pre-existing federal indictment on drug-related charges. Noriega, listed as 71 years old by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, initially took refuge in the Vatican's embassy, where he remained until surrendering on Jan. 3, 1990.

Federal Minimum Wage Rising This Week
Minimum wage workers will get an additional 70-cent boost each summer for the next two years, ending in 2009 at $7.25 an hour. That comes to just above $15,000 yearly before taxes for a 52-week work year.

Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement
This latest executive order criminalizes the peace movement. It must be viewed in relation to various pieces of "anti-terrorist" legislation, the gamut of presidential and national security directives, etc., which are ultimately geared towards repealing constitutional government and installing martial law in the event of a "national emergency".

Texas to End High-School Exit Exams
The Texas legislature has voted to end one of the most controversial aspects of its school accountability system: exit-level exams that students must pass to get their high-school diplomas. The change in policy won't go into effect until 2011.

Teen Journalists React Strongly to Burial of N-Word
Brian Sprowl, 14, says the NAACP did the right thing, but, “To be perfectly honest, the N word will never go away,” he writes. “Racists will always use this word as a derogatory term towards blacks and blacks will always use this word as a form of bonding with each other.”


Ethiopia pardons 38 jailed over political protest
The group includes the mayor-elect of Addis Ababa and the leader of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy party, which accused the government of stealing the vote. They were arrested in a clampdown that saw 193 civilians killed by police and tens of thousands of people detained.

Britain almost out of troops, memo reveals
In the memorandum to fellow defence leaders, the Chief of the General Staff (CGS) confessed that "we now have almost no capability to react to the unexpected". The "undermanned" Army now has all its units committed to either training for war in Iraq and Afghanistan, on leave or on operations.


Secret Report: No Iraq Oil Deal by September
The report, obtained by the Blotter on, says the issues the three sides are too far apart to agree on are the "role of foreign companies in the oil sector" and the division of the oil profits.
Iraq unions vow 'mutiny' over oil law
Hassan Jumaa, President of Iraqi Federation of Oil Union

Expert: Al-Qaida can't conquer Iraq
"It is highly improbable that al-Qaida could use Iraq as the kind of safe haven it enjoyed in Afghanistan," Ted Galen Carpenter, vice president in charge of foreign policy and defense studies at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington, said in a recently released memo.

The fruits of escalation in Iraq.


The Militarization and Annexation of North America
There may be a greater scheme for the planet ahead, but this article only focuses on what we know about and how it's unfolding so far. It has a name, in fact, several, but they all aim for the same thing - one nation, indivisible, where three sovereign ones once stood, headquartered in Washington.

The Invisible Government
In both Vietnam and Iraq, banned weapons were used against civilians as deliberate experiments. Agent Orange changed the genetic and environmental order in Vietnam. The military called this Operation Hades. When Congress found out, it was renamed the friendlier Operation Ranch Hand, and nothing change. That's pretty much how Congress has reacted to the war in Iraq. The Democrats have damned it, rebranded it, and extended it.

Cynthia McKinney on American Blackout, stolen elections, the Green Party
Cynthia McKinney talks about American Blackout, who really stole the 2000 and 2004 elections (it wasn't Nader) as well as her 2002 and 2006 congressional races. She thanks the Green Party for their efforts in Ohio 2004 recount attempt.

A Sacred Connection to the Sun
I believe in the sun. In the tangle of human failures of fear, greed and forgetfulness, the sun gives me clarity. When explorers first encountered my people, they called us heathens, sun worshippers. They didn't understand that the sun is a relative and illuminates our path on this earth.


AlterNet: Environment: Why Does Milk Cost More Than Gas?
The other day milk was selling in a New England supermarket at $4.79 a gallon. Down the street, regular gasoline was going for about $3.04 a gallon.
One of the factors driving up the cost of milk is the ethanol stampede. Ethanol, as we all have been taught to believe by now, will bring us "energy independence" and lessen global warming with no change in the way we live -- unless we happen to be a small child in a household with a limited budget.


Australians wave goodbye to TV remote control
A new device that allows viewers to operate the on/off switch or change channels by simple hand gestures may make the remote control lost down the back of the sofa a thing of the past.


Fitness Plan: Rest to Burn More Fat
Looking to burn fat through exercise? Resting during your workout may help, Japanese researchers report. Here's the fat-burning fitness plan they tested: Exercise for 30 minutes, take a 20 minute break, and finish with another 30 minutes of exercise.


How to Pick the Perfect Peach
It's a classic problem in agriculture: how to produce fruits and vegetables that taste good, look good, and can survive the often grueling journey from a distant farm to your supermarket. Food writer Russ Parsons talks about whether there's any hope for folks seeking farm-fresh flavor.

Very easy to prepare, wonderful taste.


The Summer-Jam Report: Fabolous and Ne-Yo's "Make Me Better"

Is Hot Ghetto Really Messin' It Up For Black Folks
Meet Bob Roberts. He lives in a gated community with manicured lawns, talks "good" English and was the first "black" admitted to the Glen Haven Country Club. He thinks that he is a living example of the American Dream until a case of mistaken identity lands him in the same cell with Tyrone "T-Boogie" Johnson...

For those who aren't down with Black Entertainment Television, the network's latest attempt to provide wholesome family entertainment is a reality show called Hot Ghetto Mess, which (so far) is scheduled to debut on July 25th.

'Hairspray' Get Praises for Civil Rights Plot
"Hairspray" is a wonderfully over-the-top fantasy about an overweight teenage girl in the early 1960s who strikes a blow for individuality while single-handedly integrating Baltimore and changing the course of pop music forever.
Will 'Hairspray' Stick? Is Jerry Springer a Dick?

'Petey' Greene Still Gets Laughs, Even In Death
Ralph "Petey" Greene was a radio broadcaster, television host and all-around funnyman. But Greene was also a civil rights activist and, arguably, one of the most original voices in radio during the 1960s and '70s.
The legend is the subject of the new film Talk to Me, starring actor Don Cheadle.



Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Angle 19 - July - 2007

News others won't tell you

History was made on this day:
- Willie Mays is named to the National League all star team for the 24th time, tying Stan Musial for the record number of appearances.


US Preparing Domestic Clampdown
Because of "growing popular unrest in the United States, caused by the prolonged war in Iraq .coupled with obvious Congressional inaction," the U.S. military has drawn up plans for combating domestic U.S. civil insurrections. This is not a theoretical study but a very specific one. Units to be used domestically are listed in detail as are detention centers, etc.

National center to impeach Bush and Cheney launched
The Los Angeles National Impeachment Center is the brainchild of Attorney Peter Thottam, who resigned from his job to focus on his anti-war activism. His frustrations over the Bush Administration’s disregard for the American people’s demonstrations against the Iraq War also prompted him to drum up the idea for the hub two months ago.

Soldiers still go over the hill even in an all-volunteer Army
Desertion is a normal part of the military. Since it became an all-volunteer force after the Vietnam War, the Army's rate of desertion has remained relatively constant, at about 1 percent. That contrasts with a high of 3.4 percent in 1971, when more than 33,000 soldiers deserted to avoid combat in Vietnam.

White House spy sentenced
For all the recent talk about Dick Cheney refusing to abide by a White House executive order on handling classified materials, let’s not forget the case of
Leandro Aragoncillo.

The War Against The Third World
What I have learned about U.S. foreign Policy.


Ethiopia triumphs over Starbucks; wins rights to coffee
A deal between Starbucks and Ethiopia that ends their trademark dispute and offers more benefits to Ethiopian coffee farmers has been hailed as a potential model for other poor nations to follow. The deal allows Ethiopia to better use the modern trading system and especially the system’s often-controversial intellectual property rights provisions.

Kissinger’s Secret Meeting With Putin
When a political heavyweight, like Henry Kissinger, jets-off on a secret mission to Moscow; it usually shows up in the news.Not this time.

U.S. threatens action in Pakistan

Special Report: White supremacy and the truth about black youth crime in Britain
“Whilst there are some problems among black families - if we look at white families, they produce more criminals of every type, from extreme sexual offenders, paedophiles to mass murderers, than the black family.”

Just when you think the propaganda cannot get any more pathetic


Cleric Switches Tactics to Meet Changes in Iraq
Mr. Sadr and his political allies have largely disengaged from government, contributing to the political paralysis noted in a White House report last week. That outsider status has enhanced Mr. Sadr’s appeal to Iraqis, who consider politics less and less relevant to their daily lives.

IRAQ: Mass Graves Dug to Deal With Death Toll

Insurgent leader is not real, U.S. military says
In March, he was declared captured. In May, he was declared killed, and his purported corpse was displayed on state-run TV. But Wednesday, Omar al-Baghdadi, the supposed leader of an al-Qaida-affiliated group in Iraq, was declared nonexistent by U.S. military officials, who say he is a fictional character created to give an Iraqi face to a foreign-run terror group.


Clarence Thomas: a Lost Cause – Part I
Clarence Thomas is such a lost soul that when adverse, race-sensitive 5-4 Supreme Court rulings are issued, everyone knows that he has already voted with the conservative majority before the votes are officially announced. Knowing how Thomas is going to vote on a case involving race is as reliable as predicting who is going to be on the next cover of “O” magazine.

A Tale of Two Genocides — Congo and Darfur: The Blatantly Inconsistent U.S. Position
As many as five million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A quarter million or so have perished in Darfur, western Sudan. Both are abominations, genocides, crimes against humanity, but only Darfur rates coverage in the U.S. corporate media, action by the United States on the diplomatic and military front, or concerted interest by the Congressional Black Caucus. The Congolese genocide, triggered directly by the U.S. and its surrogates, is masked in silence. - Lessons Bush Learned from Hitler
Bush learned how to rule ruthlessly though he is hated by the people. Hitler never got more than 37 percent of the vote in several elections called over a short period of time ending with the act of terrorism that Hitler would exploit to consolidate his dictatorship.


Fed warns of $100bn credit losses
In a second day of testimony to Congress, Mr Bernanke said credit losses associated with sub-prime mortgage failures were "significant". Wall Street is nervous about the exposure of banks and other lenders to the riskier sub-prime market. Earlier this month Bear Stearns bailed out two sub-prime focused hedge funds. It has since said one of them has "very little value" and the other is now worthless.


Research Confirms We're All Out of Africa
The genetic evidence has always strongly supported the single origin theory, and now results from a study of more than 6,000 skulls held around the world in academic collections supports this case.


Hail The Wondrous Banana
After reading this, you'll never look at a banana in the same way again.


Risk of Botulism Poisoning - Chili Products sold Nationally
Consumers who have any of these products or any foods made with these products should not eat them and throw them away immediately. List of products from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration... 10 ounce cans of Castleberry's Hot Dog Chili Sauce (UPC 3030000101) Austex Hot Dog Chili Sauce (UPC 3030099533) Kroger Hot Dog Chili Sauce (UPC 1111083942)



Cherishing the Sweet Sounds of Soul
Farai Chideya marks the 50th anniversary of Stax Records with her staff song pick of the week — Isaac Hayes' performance of Soulsville from the 1972 documentary, Wattstax.

Dweezil Zappa Takes on Dad's Music
Musician and composer Frank Zappa left an amazing legacy: more than 80 albums and hundreds of additional compositions. Now his son, Dweezil, is working to keep his father's music alive. He and an orchestra are embarking on an international tour, playing selections of Frank Zappa's music.


How the News Gets Made: Print Lies, Apologize, Print New Lies

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Angle 18 - July - 2007

News others won't tell you

History was made on this day:
- Martha Reeves is born in Eufaula, Alabama. Her family will move to Detroit, Michigan before her first birthday. As a child, she will sing in her grandfather's church and in school, and continue her vocal training through high school. After graduating in 1959, she will join a girl group called the Fascinations, and the following year co-founds the Del-Phis, whose membership will include the future Vandellas. In 1961, she will win a talent contest as a solo act and get a nightclub engagement performing as Martha LaVaille. There she will be noticed by Motown executive William "Mickey" Stevenson, who will invite her to stop by the label's offices. She will not land an audition right away, but will parlay her visit into a secretarial job in the A&R department. She will catch a lucky break when backup singers are needed for a recording session, and the Del-Phis will wind up supporting Marvin Gaye on his first hit, 1962's "Stubborn Kind of Fellow." Stevenson will be impressed enough to record a Del-Phis (renamed the Vels) single, "You'll Never Cherish a Love So True ('Til You Lose It)," and release it on Motown's Mel-O-Dy subsidiary.


Flynt Ready to Implicate Another Senator
Larry King interviewed Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt last night on how he linked Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) to an alleged prostitution ring. Flynt now says he's got information linking another U.S. Senator to a sex scandal.

Caught Red-Handed: Media Backtracks on Iran’s Anti-Israel “Threat”
The effect this misquote has had on American policy towards Iran is undeniable. The majority of 2008 Presidential candidates in both parties have repeatedly mentioned the alleged threat in speeches and interviews, obviously influenced by media reports. And yet suddenly, after all this hoopla, at least two of the biggest media titans, the BBC and the Associated Press, appear to be backing away from the incorrect “wiped off the map” quotation they’ve been drilling into people’s minds for so long.

Proof Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage
The tape was being released for the third consecutive time, having first popped up in 2002 before re-airing again in 2003. The footage of Bin Laden was filmed six years ago in October 2001.

iPhone has a built-in spyware module?
Today an underground hacker team "web-Hack" from Russia released a whitepaper with results of iPhone firmware research. They reverse- engineered some functions and published this information. Results of a research shocked community. Russian hackers found a built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser - all your personal information can be stolen.

Stolen U.S. vehicles end up as bombs in Iraq, FBI says

Store Bans 1930s Kids Book for Racist Illustrations

40 Years On, Newark Re-Examines Painful Riot Past
A black cab driver named John Smith was pulled over and badly beaten by the police. It happened within sight of the residents of a large public housing project. After Smith was dragged into the Fourth Precinct station house, an angry crowd quickly gathered outside.

Che at the UN: 1964


Castro suggests Washington fails to stop attacks on U.S. soil
Fidel Castro suggested Sunday that Washington has deliberately failed to stop terrorist attacks against Americans because it needed “to deliver a bang” that would justify its war on terror.

'Bush is leading a crusade against us'
"President Bush is leading a new crusade against the Palestinians," Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Sami el-Zuhri, said on Monday night, adding that the group would "neither recognize the occupation nor give up the armed struggle."

Zimbabwe: Death penalty not the solution
There is a growing group who feel the time has come to formally abolish the death penalty, and this week the supporters of abolition received support from a very influential quarter — the Council of Chiefs.

UNICEF Black Face Campaign
This is an actual ad-campaign by UNICEF Germany!This campaign is"blackfacing“ white children with mud to pose as "uneducated africans“. Besides claiming that every single person in "Africa" isn't educated, and doing so in an extremely patronising way, it is also disturbing that this organisation thinks blackfacing kids with mud equals "relating to african children".

Stars Mark Mandela's 89th Birthday


Iraq PM: Country can manage without U.S.
One of his top aides, meanwhile, accused the United States of embarrassing the Iraqi government by violating human rights and treating his country like an "experiment in a U.S. lab."

Iraq: US Should End Indefinite Detention of Five Iranians

“What Are We Supposed To Do With Our Dead”
“What are we supposed to do with our dead ones, our injured ones, our memories, our lost hopes, our vanished dreams? What are we supposed to do with our exile, our losses, our uprootedness? Christ was crucified once. He was able to forgive. But you are crucifying us daily. So how do I forgive?”

God help us for what we have done to the Iraqi people.


Two Races, Two Systems of Justice in Louisiana
Last week in Detroit, the NAACP held a mock funeral for the N-word. But a chilling case in Louisiana shows us how far we have to go to bury racism. This story begins in the small central Louisiana town of Jena. Last September, a black high school student requested the school's permission to sit beneath a broad, leafy tree in the hot schoolyard. Until then, only white students sat there.
Alice Woodward: White Supremacy and the Jena Six

From Mission Accomplished to Mission Impossible -- July 2007

Striking a “patriotic” pose for the cameras, Bush reminded me of another George, in a movie I saw years ago: Patton. Remember his pose in front of the American flag, resolute, focused, unyielding, and brave? George Bush was our Patton, McCarthy, Eisenhower, Marshall, and Mr. Top Gun himself, Randy “Duke” Cunningham. In the backdrop of all the pomp and circumstance, in perfect camera-shot, there hung a banner with the words: “Mission Accomplished.” Bush was in his glory, and all was right with the world.

IMPEACH BUSH - Cindy Sheehan
Thousands of Americans from around the country will join together to demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and insist on the immediate end to the war in Iraq. September 15th is the date General David Petraeus is mandated to make a report to Congress on the progress of the so-called surge. The eyes of the national and international media will be focused on Washington DC at that time. In the coming weeks we will be taking out newspaper ads, producing 500,000 leaflets, flyers, and stickers, and setting up outreach committees for the September 15th March in Washington all over the country.

"You aint all the way black"
So Gary Sheffield has been "stirring the pot"
again. This time by calling out the Yankees and their Manager, Joe Torre, for their double standard when it comes to their treatment of black players. Sheffield, because of his abilities as a player, and because of his veteran status has been acting as an unofficial spokesperson for the African American players in Major League Baseball.


Bleak future ahead
The reality is the dollar is about to collapse. The beneficiaries of the fiat racket know this and they are going to do everything in their power to try to prevent it. Iran’s recent transition away from the dollar in oil transactions
will be a major trigger. Ever wonder why we invaded Iraq? Saddam was in the process of doing the same thing. Saddam had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and he posed absolutely no “terror” threat. The only threat that was posed was to the folks that own the federal reserve. War with Iran is coming soon.

If This Is Such a Rich Country, Why Are We Getting Squeezed?
The commercial media is telling us two perfectly contradictory stories about the American economy. The first is how wonderfully rich we are in the United States. The stock market's booming -- some analysts predict the Dow will break the 15,000 this year -- the economy is expanding at a healthy clip, productivity growth is up and unemployment and inflation are relatively low.
But, at the same time, we're also told that we don't have the money to pay for a robust social safety net.


Black Girls Consume Less Micronutrients
The researchers studied data from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's National Growth and Healthy Study of nearly 1,200 white girls and more than 1,200 African-American girls and found intakes of vitamins A, D and C; calcium; and magnesium tend to decrease with age for all girls, but the rate of decreased intake of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium is greater among African-American girls.


How Safe Is Supermarket Food?
From pet food deliberately adulterated with melamine, to contaminated toothpaste and seafood with drug residues, a number of recent scares have raised questions about the safety of food imported from China and other parts of the world.

Granita by Any Name Would Taste as Sweet
“Granitas are elegant desserts, best served in glass containers to show off the colors and ice crystals. They also are a perfect a perfect palate cleanser between courses in a formal meal.”

This cross between a fizz and a float  — a new take on an old-fashioned treat is great warm-weather refreshment.


Dave Chappelle OK After Brief Hospitalization
Dave Chappelle was hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion, his publicist said Tuesday. The 33-year-old comedian checked into an emergency room on Saturday and was released a few hours later, publicist Carla Sims said.

Barry Bonds' Home Run Chase
Baseball player Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants slugger, is closing in on legendary Hank Aaron's home run record. But there's still division when it comes to Bonds, including one of race.

The Nimble, 'Young' Hank Jones
In a career that spans seven decades, Hank Jones has worked with everyone who's anyone in jazz, including Bennie Goodman, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster and Billie Holliday.
Jones celebrates his 89th birthday on July 18 and his new CD, Kids, reflects the nimble playfulness of a young mind.

Johnny Hartman, 'The Romantic Balladeer'
Johnny Hartman was the quintessential romantic balladeer. The only singer to record with John Coltrane — on the iconic album John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman — his fame was limited mainly to true jazz lovers during his lifetime.

Sly Stone's Higher Power: Fame & Scandal:

"I often tell people that I have more dead rock stars on tape than anyone, and they'll say, 'You mean Janis, Hendrix, and Sly?'" says Dick Cavett today. "A lot of people think he's gone." Even if you're aware that Sly lives, you have to wonder what kind of shape he's in, projecting that beautiful but reckless man of 1971 into 2007, the year he turned 64.


President Bush makes little girls cry.

Exploring the Mysteries of the Quantum 'Cheneyverse'

Monday, July 09, 2007

Another Angle 9 - July - 2007

Why Do We Hate Them?
For those who still fail to realise, to kill is rather simple, to turn towns into piles of rubble isn’t that complicated either. Yet, to raise a child may take a few years, to build a city takes hundreds of years and to establish harmony between human beings takes thousand of years. We should stop lying to others and to ourselves. We know perfectly well why they hate us, they have some good reasons, as things stand momentarily, we are the ones who are killing them en mass. It is us who demolish their towns and kill their kids.