Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Angle 21 - September - 2006

News others won't tell you


Black GOP group's ad claims Dems started KKK,Dr. King a Republican
The 60-second advertisement is shaped as a casual conversation between two African-American women, with one explaining to the other how Democrats have "bamboozled" blacks into believing that their party has done more for the civil rights movement than the Republican Party.

America's Africa Corps
The United States is moving closer to setting up an Africa Command to secure the rear flank of its global "war on terrorism", with eyes trained on vital oil reserves and lawless areas where terrorists have sought safe haven to regroup and strike against its interests.

...In Harlem, Chavez offers cheaper oil
The Venezuelan president was at a Harlem church Thursday, making good on a pledge to help low-income families in New York purchase deeply discounted oil.

America is alienating rest of world: Colin Powell
In a rare public breach with the administration, Mr Powell told an audience in Norfolk, Virginia, on Tuesday that he opposed White House plans to redefine America's commitment to sections of the Geneva convention protecting detainees from torture and degrading treatment.

House committee passes Bush torture bill by one vote -- two Dems are absent

Whites Understand the Advantages of Being White
Although more Whites are starting to understand the advantages of being White in America as a group, they are less aware of it than other racial groups

'Black Commentator' Co-Founder Parts Company

Before You Enlist!

"DVD Of The Resistance": Watch For Free, Spread The Word
The film takes us on a journey through the depths of history from the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty and operation Gladio through to the Madrid bombings, the London bombings, 9/11 and robustly catalogues the real story behind the government induced fable.


Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad
"No Nation Should Have Superiority Over Others:" UN Address
The best thing you can do is read it for yourself. then judge whether he is crazy or not.

Hugo Chavez

Rise Up Against the Empire: Address to the United Nations
Are these guys crazy? Was it an insult? Read it yourself. Don't let anyone else think for you.

Pakistan Leader Says U.S. Made Threats
``The intelligence director told me that (Armitage) said, 'Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age,''' Musharraf said in the interview to be shown Sunday on the CBS television network.
Report: US copters violate Pak air


Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam'
Torture in Iraq is worse now than it was under the regime of Saddam Hussein and "is totally out of hand", according to a United Nations investigator.


Reed, Norquist often at White House
The Secret Service revealed yesterday, as a result of a suit brought on by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), that Grover Norquist, former associate of Jack Abramoff, had been cleared to visit the White House 97 times in the five-year period leading up to the scandal, including 6 meetings with President Bush himself.

Abramoff and Able Danger: Confirmed: US Intel told "hands off money laundering"


US Hedge fund takes hit for billions

Wolfowitz Shut Down by World Bank Officials
In an effective rebuke to Mr Wolfowitz amid accusations from inside and outside the bank that he has pursued his anti-corruption strategy in a high-handed fashion, ministers from around the globe, who are the ultimate governors of the world's leading development body, moved to assert control.


Palast - Chavez' Comments -Strategy or Ravings?
You'd think George Bush would get down on his knees and kiss Hugo Chavez's behind. Not only has Chavez delivered cheap oil to the Bronx and other poor communities in the United States. And not only did he offer to bring aid to the victims of Katrina. In my interview with the president of Venezuela on March 28, he made Bush the following astonishing offer: Chavez would drop the price of oil to $50 a barrel, "not too high, a fair price," he said -- a third less than the $75 a barrel for oil recently posted on the spot market. That would bring down the price at the pump by about a buck, from $3 to $2 a gallon.

Trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer
Picture this: A fly keeps buzzing around you as you try to take a nap. You swing at it a couple of times but it keeps returning. You get up and grab the most convenient thing at hand, which happens to be a sledgehammer. The fly is sitting there on your table, and you're so angry at the fly that you swing without considering the collateral damage you will cause. Your table is crushed and the fly got away, only to return with its buzzing in your ear. Sound ridiculous? Sure it is, but so is dropping 500-pound bombs to kill one or two men.


Fish to guard water
San Francisco, New York, Washington and other big cities are using bluegills - also known as sunfish or bream - as a sort of canary in a coal mine to safeguard their water.


Man-made toxins found in most foods
Man-made pollutants and chemicals were found in every one of 27 food products, including staples such as bread and eggs, that were tested by experts. In further tests carried out by WWF, formerly the World Wide Fund for Nature, every one of 352 people who provided blood samples over the past five years was found to be contaminated with toxic chemicals.


Corn fritters are incredibly versatile—they can be drizzled with maple syrup for a breakfast cake, topped with applesauce as a snack, or served with salsa as a side dish.


Corinne Bailey Rae: Jazz, Pop and Soul
Corinne Bailey Rae's musical influences range from choral church music and classical jazz to Veruca Salt and Led Zeppelin. With such a wide variety of inspirations, it's no surprise that her own music offers a unique perspective on modern music, as her crisp, clean vocals blend with a soulful backdrop of pianos, guitars and harmonies.

'My Life and the Black Panther Party'
Activist Flores Forbes discusses his new book Will You Die With Me? -- My Life and the Black Panther Party, which details his 18-year history with the group and its ultimate disintegration.


Tom Tomorrow: More Circular Logic Featuring the Rightwing Nutcase