Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Angle 31 - May - 2006

News others won't tell you


Mississippi Officials Weigh New Emmett Till Probe
Law enforcement officials in Mississippi may bring new charges in the case of Emmett Till, a black teenager murdered more than 50 years ago. The decision is up to a black woman whose generation was profoundly changed by Till's gruesome, racially charged death.
New Documentary Revisits Emmett Till's Lynching

U.S. House Calls Palestinian Authority a ‘Terrorist Sanctuary
The House bill would cut off direct and indirect U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority, other than aid to meet "the basic human health needs" of the Palestinian people and for measures Congress approves on a case-by-case basis. It would limit aid through nongovernmental organizations and restrict diplomatic contacts with Hamas representatives.

Fat Nick's 'home run'
When hate-crime defendant Nicholas (Fat Nick) Minucci clubbed a black man with a baseball bat in Howard Beach last year, "It sounded like Barry Bonds hit a home run," a former pal told jurors at his trial yesterday.


Foreigners held over Congo 'plot'
The South African embassy in Kinshasa confirmed that 19 of its citizens had been arrested. Three Americans and 10 Nigerians are reported to have been arrested, though this has not been confirmed by their embassies. Our correspondent said that the men were all working for a security company and had been involved in training Congolese security trainers who would work at the port of Matadi.

Cuba: A Clean Bill of Health
For almost half a century now Cuba, the unapologetically communist nation led by Fidel Castro, has endured crippling economic and trade sanctions imposed by its next-door neighbour, the United States. But not only has this tiny Caribbean country survived, it's achieved close to the unthinkable. Over the years of its isolation, Cuba has made major medical breakthroughs and now has a health system that's the envy of most of its neighbours, including the mighty US.


U.S. is urged to stop paying Iraqi reporters
A Defense Department investigation of Pentagon-financed propaganda efforts in Iraq warns that paying Iraqi journalists to produce positive stories could damage American credibility and calls for an end to military payments to a group of Iraqi journalists in Baghdad


Osama bin Laden - A Weapon of Mass Convenience
The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary - H. L. MenckenUS editor (1880 - 1956)


Wiping Out the Middle Class
America's middle class has put their faith in various graven images: Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, George Washington – dead presidents printed on green paper. They have voted for more and more spending, more and more bread, more and more circuses, more and more foreign wars. They claim to be religious, but they put their faith in the princes and powers of this world – in jobs and the government. Their voodoo economy is built on magic paper money and directed by witch doctors.

Russia cools to dollar as it invests stability fund
Russia has raised the share of euros in its growing central bank reserves, a top central banker said on Thursday, confirming Moscow's cooling to the dollar as a dependable store of value.
RTS bourse to start trading oil, oil products, gold on June 8

How Much Longer Can the Dollar Reign Supreme?
Saddam Hussein stopped trading his oil for dollars before Iraq was invaded. Iran gets set to open a new oil bourse and futures market that will trade in euros, while Venezuela is said to be mulling over whether to follow suit. Now Russia has joined the bandwagon. On May 10, President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of a Russian oil and gas bourse along with his intention to convert the ruble into a convertible currency that would be used for the trade. Russia has recently swapped some of its dollar reserves for euros


Stop Saying This is a Nation of Immigrants!
This is a convenient myth developed as a response to the 1960s movements against colonialism, neocolonialism, and white supremacy. The ruling class and its brain trust offered multiculturalism, diversity, and affirmative action in response to demands for decolonization, justice, reparations, social equality, an end of imperialism, and the rewriting of history -- not to be "inclusive" -- but to be accurate. What emerged to replace the liberal melting pot idea and the nationalist triumphal interpretation of the "greatest country on earth and in history," was the "nation of immigrants" story.

Countless My Lai Massacres in Iraq
Just like Abu Ghraib, while the media spotlight shines squarely on the Haditha massacre, countless atrocities continue daily, conveniently out of the awareness of the general public. Torture did not stop simply because the media finally decided, albeit in horribly belated fashion, to cover the story, and the daily slaughter of Iraqi civilians by US forces and US-backed Iraqi "security" forces had not stopped either.


Bald Eagle 'Bird Cam' a Big Hit on the Internet


Summer Hazards: Sunburn ... and Barbecue?
In the last few years, researchers have confirmed that cooking meat too long over a dry, intense heat creates small amounts of at least two kinds of compounds that can lead to cancer. Unfortunately, that's just the sort of flavor-enhancing fire you get on a backyard barbecue.


Serve these spicy grilled shrimp with bread for sopping up all the sauce.
Active time: 40 min Start to finish: 40 min


A Chance Encounter with the Blues
Some musicians achieve fame through a combination of talent, ambition, and opportunity. Many more, just as talented, remain unnoticed by the world at large. But for an accidental meeting with Professor Work and his recording machine, Joe Holmes might have left no trace at all.

Bin-Ladin Denies Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks
The Al-Qaidah group had nothing to do with the 11 September attacks on the USA, according to Usama bin Ladin in an interview with the Pakistani newspaper Ummat. Usama bin Ladin went on to suggest that Jews or US secret services were behind the attacks, and to express gratitude and support for Pakistan, urging Pakistan̢۪s people to jihad against the West.
From a September 28, 2001 interview.


Fiore: American Immigration, Millennium-Style