Thursday, July 26, 2007

The window of opportunity is nearly closed.

Iran fist-in-glove with Iraqi rebels: America builds its case
US military spokesmen, officials and analysts are gradually adding flesh to the bones of allegations of official Iranian collaboration with Shia and Sunni insurgents in Iraq, including elements linked to al-Qaida. The development comes amid reports that the White House is leaning towards military action against Iran over its suspect nuclear activities and supposed meddling in Iraq, and growing expectations that George Bush will extend the military "surge" to at least next summer.

Do you believe this? Watch developments on this closely. And prepare your children for what's to come. These peoplpe have told us this is a war without end. America is engaged in Ethnic Cleansing on a global scale. Look at who they are attacking, the natural resources they are appropriating, and what you are being set up for.

The military in recent weeks has said that the "surge" is not sustainable. They DON'T have the personnel for it to last much longer. This gang of criminals has shown that they are determined not only to continue down this path, but to increase the destruction. While they have focused attention on Iraq, there have been covert actions in Iran, they have set up an Africa Command and inserted themselves into many countries on that continent covertly and overtly.

This nation is patroling the seas off Africa! WHY!

This nation just agreed to give India Nuclear material! WHY!

This nation is now GUARDING the largest opium harvest in recent memory! WHY!

This nation is leading the charge to subvert a duly elected goernment in Palestine! An electon that THEY insisted on! WHY!

You are being set up and you children and grandchildren will pay the price for your lack of action. After the next false flag attack on our country, martal law will be instituted, elections will be cancelled, the draft will be reinstated.

The window of opportunity is nearly closed.

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