Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another Angle 3 - September - 2006

News others won't tell you


Poverty strikes big cities at opposite ends of Ohio
When the U.S. Census Bureau announced last week that Cleveland once again was the poorest big city in America, it wasn't the only bad news for Ohio. Cincinnati is in trouble, too. Census data shows the Queen City is one of the poorest big cities in the United States, coming in at No. 8.

Israeli Diplomat Charged With Molestation
An employee of Israel’s consulate in Atlanta was arrested Thursday on charges that he used the Internet to try to lure a minor into having sex. Yosef Sagiv Ofri was indicted by a grand jury in Columbia County. The indictment says that Ofri used e-mail and online messages to lure a child from Columbia County—about two hours east of Atlanta—for “illegal acts relating to sodomy, aggravated sodomy, child molestation and aggravated child molestation.”

This sort of thing seems to happen a lot with Israeli diplomats.
Sex Scandal Past Haunts New Envoy - Free Registration Required
The Strange Case of the Disappearing Diplomat - Free Registration Required
Israel Has Second Thoughts on Consul -- Free Registration Required
Israeli Consul in Nude Picture Storm
Australia Consul Appointment Reviewed Diplomat Said to Unnerve Women
Jewish Diplomat Involved in Child Prostitution Scandal
Brazil Links Israeli Consul to Child Prostitution
Wanted Israeli Diplomat Flees Brazil
The Principal Villains of Brasilian Pedofilia Crimes
Brazilian Police Stake Out Diplomat Accused of Running Kiddie-Porn Ring

Atlanta Reflects on Anniversary of Race Riot
In the coming weeks, as historians observe the riot's centennial, Atlanta will have an opportunity to reflect on its ugly racial past --something many of its Southern neighbors have taken pause to recognize.

Trying to Make It Home: New Orleans One Year After Katrina
If you have seen recent television footage of New Orleans, you probably have a picture of how bad the housing situation is. What you cannot see is that the rest of the institutions, water, electricity, healthcare, jobs, educational system, criminal justice systems - are all just as broken as the housing. We remain in serious trouble. Like us, you probably wonder where has the promised money gone?


Shocking Lancet Study: 8,000 Murders, 35,000 Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Haiti During U.S.-Backed Coup Regime After Aristide Ouster
New figures reveal that during the 22-month period of the U.S.-backed Interim Government, 8,000 people were murdered in the greater Port-au Prince area alone. 35,000 women and girls were raped or sexually assaulted, more than half of the victims were children. Kidnappings, extrajudicial detentions, physical assaults, death threats, and threats of sexual violence were also common.

Afghan opium crop at new high
Afghanistan's opium harvest this year has reached the highest levels ever recorded, showing an increase of almost 50 percent from last year.

Fake Al Qaeda
How many phony 'al Qaeda' cells have Mossad agents successfully set up around the
Are ALL Al Qaeda really working for Israel?
The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father calls him Adam Pearlman


A Demand for Hussein's Release
A coalition of 300 Iraqi tribal leaders on Saturday demanded the release of Saddam Hussein so he could reclaim the presidency and also called for armed resistance against U.S.-led forces. The clan chieftains, most of them Sunni Arabs, included the head of the 1.5 million-member al-Obeidi tribe, said they planned to hold rallies in Sunni cities throughout the country to insist that Hussein be freed and that the charges against him and his co-defendants be dropped.

I no longer have power to save Iraq from civil war, warns Shia leader
The most influential moderate Shia leader in Iraq has abandoned attempts to restrain his followers, admitting that there is nothing he can do to prevent the country sliding towards civil war.


No civil war in Iraq, insists Bush
This guy is delusional!! We better hope it's civil war. If they decide to stop fighting each other and join forces against our troops.


When Napoleon Won at Waterloo
NAPOLEON WON the battle of Waterloo. The German Wehrmacht won World War II. The United States won in Vietnam, and the Soviets in Afghanistan. The Zealots won against the Romans, and Ehud Olmert won the Second Lebanon War. You didn't know that?


Scientists begin human tests on 'bionic eye'
Scientists from the Bionic Eye Foundation at Sydney's Prince of Wales Hospital have launched human clinical trials of the device, which employs the same technology now routinely used in cochlear implants to restore hearing.


'Nightmare' TB strain feared emerging
The strain - known as extreme drug-resistant TB - has horrified World Health Organisation doctors. In one outbreak in South Africa, 52 of 53 patients died within weeks of becoming infected.

Rice contaminated by GM has been on sale for months
Britons have unwittingly been eating banned GM rice imported from the United States for months, if not years, food safety experts fear. Imports of the rice were stopped by the European Commission (EC) on Thursday. But investigations in the US show that it has long been "wide-spread" in grain destined to be shipped overseas.

AMA Admits no studies were done on Fluoride Side Effects


To prevent the caramelized peaches from sticking to the parchment paper, unmold these flavorful little cakes while they're still warm.

Where There's Smoke, There's Flavor
Planked fish and other foods can be roasted in the oven, but it is on the grill where the magic happens. And the whole neighborhood will thank you for the aromatic night air.


Sarah Vaughan's Unlikeliest Jazz Classic
Vaughan was, arguably, the foremost interpreter of Brazilian music in jazz history. Her discography contains many live albums featuring her arrangements of hits by Antonio Carlos Jobim and others, as well as a few themed collections developed exclusively to Brazilian material. Brazilian Romance is the most compelling and consistent of the latter group.
"Make This City Ours Tonight" (audio)
"Nothing Will Be As It Was" (audio)

The Original 'Wicker Man': An Occult Classic
Whatever the fate of Neil LaBute's Yank remake of The Wicker Man—which Warner Bros. is releasing (without advance press screenings) —it's unlikely to generate the enduring passion and rancor inspired by the 1973 occult classic.


2nd Annual Whoopsi Gras