Friday, July 14, 2006

News others won't tell you


Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in Crisis
Commentator Betty Baye says the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission is facing a financial crisis after more than 40 years of protecting Americans against discrimination in the workplace.

Democratic Party leadership statements of support for Israel
It is always kosher for a chosen one to murder an Arab.It is even much better when the US taxpaying goyim have to foot the bill.Isn't that reich?
Israel Tells Condi Rice to "Back Off"

PFC Chris Gorman
PFC Chris Gorman out of the 4th ID in Ft. Hood, Texas is preparing to be the next soldier to refuse to return to Iraq this coming Monday. On the 17th of July, Chris plans to report to the rear detachment of his unit, and refuse to board the plane that will be taking soldiers back to the battlefront.


Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria
"If the Zionist regime commits another stupid move and attacks Syria, this will be considered like attacking the whole Islamic world and this regime will receive a very fierce response," Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying in a telephone conversation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Israel didn't start it: Howard
"I mean, killing the Palestinian Chief of police and then shelling that beach full of swimmers in Gaza, I mean, those sorts of things happen all the time and only an anti-Semite commie fag junkie would even notice!"

Living with HIV and AIDS
A series of reports and interviews explores how African-Americans are dealing with the deadly epidemic, and how the death and illness that follows the virus is radically reshaping the continent of Africa, leaving a generation of widows and orphans in its wake.


US 'kidnapped Iraq detainee families'
American forces in Iraq have been accused of kidnapping the families of detainees as an interrogation tactic.


Bush jokes, Beirut burns
The president has done so at recent news conferences in the United States. He joked about a reporter's garb in Chicago, and joked about a reporter's sunglasses in Washington. That Rose Garden swipe at a pair of shades proved embarrassing - Bush had been unaware that the sunglass-wearer suffers from a degenerative eye disease, and the president made a personal phone call with apologies afterward.


Target threatens to leave if wage rule OK'd
The saber-rattling is intensifying as the clock winds down toward a July 26 showdown vote on plans to make Chicago the nation's first major city to establish a "living wage" for stores with at least 90,000 square feet of space operated by retailers with $1 billion in sales.

Middle East Tensions Keep Oil Prices Pumped Up
The latest fighting in the Middle East pushed oil prices above $78 a barrel overnight. The spike is a reflection of traders' fears that violence in the Middle East could spiral out of control, possibly disrupting oil supplies.


World War Four: Israel’s “Destructive Enterprise”
How does a small, outlaw nation, unaccustomed to following the norms of civilized behavior and international law, respond to terrorism, or rather resistance to its continual border provocations and occupation of land (the Golan Heights, rightfully known as the Syrian Heights, and Shebaa Farms)? In predictable fashion—by destroying civilian infrastructure, slaughtering innocent civilians, and thumbing its nose at the world.


Asian Carp: Can't Beat Them? Eat Them
In the Midwest, Asian carp are making their way up the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The foreign invaders can grow to be 80 to 100 pounds. They're ravenous eaters, consuming up to 40 percent of their own body weight in plankton each day. And they're bullies, pushing out weaker, native species


Dive into a Sea of Good Summer Food
Summer is the eating season. There's no better time to eat locally and seasonally, which today is compulsory. Gorgeous fruits and vegetables spill out of the stalls at farmers markets. Crabs and oysters are pulled from the waters. There are barbecues and picnics. Life slows down and it's important to have the right food while you're braking.


'Still Hungry in America': A Return to Mississippi
Are people still hungry in America? What happened in the places where those photographs were taken?

Cornell South: 'GA'
A self-proclaimed "knomad," Mr. South has gained some valuable insight during his journeys. He uses the paradoxes in his environment to paint contrasting visions of ascension with perserverence: "Out of anything you may encounter; if it doesn't kill you, it can only make you stronger."

HUMOR?: The Boondocks