Monday, August 27, 2007


Malcom Lagauche

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has not had a good month. Pressure is mounting daily for his ouster and also for the dismembering of Iraq.
U.S. politicians are openly calling for a change in the Iraqi leadership. They are not ambiguous. Democrat Senators Hilary Clinton and Carl Levin have been in the forefront of calling for al-Maliki’s ouster.
Al-Maliki has struck back. According to the article "Iraq PM Hits Out at Critics," published by Al-Jazeera News on August 26, 2007:
The Iraqi prime minister has replied to his U.S. and European critics by making criticisms of his own, including the ongoing killing of Iraqis by U.S. soldiers.
At a news conference in Baghdad on Sunday, Nuri al-Maliki singled out Hilary Rodham Clinton and Carl Levin, both Democratic senators, saying they should "come to their senses."
Al-Maliki said: "There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages, for example Hilary Clinton and Carl Levin." …
… Al-Maliki appeared stung by the recent series of critical statements about the government, including one from George Bush, the U.S. president, who said he was frustrated that al-Maliki had failed to make progress on political benchmarks.
In addition to the daily calls for al-Maliki’s demise, many pundits are calling for the dismembering of Iraq. Senator Joseph Biden has advocated the partitioning for years. Lately, he has spoken even louder on the subject.
For years, Ralph Peters, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, has been calling for the breakup of Iraq. In July 2003, he wrote: "The Iraq we’re trying to herd back together consists of three distinct nations caged under a single bloodstained flag."
It is in vogue for "experts" to knock the Iraqi people for not getting their act together in forming the "new democratic Iraq" that the U.S. supplied them. Now, everything is their fault. According to the sick and twisted logic of U.S. politicians, the U.S. did Iraq a favor and the Iraqis have not been forthcoming in thanking the Americans. "Our commitment is not open-ended" is the statement of the day.
The stooges in Baghdad who were put in power by the U.S. are now being threatened by their benefactors. It is unbelievable that they did not see this coming.
Prior to 2003, these quislings, mostly living outside Iraq, thought they would have a free ride in returning to their country of birth. How idiotic. All they had to do was look at the treatment of Iraq under Saddam to notice common themes: the U.S. treats all Iraqis as stupid, ignorant people who can not get along. No amount of counterattack is strong enough to change this ethnocentric behavior.
Subtle changes have occurred along the way, only to revert to the original assessment of Iraqis. Before March 2003, all Iraqis were bad. They were savage animals. Then, after the invasion, we started to see a few "good Iraqis" spring up.
For a while, there was propaganda that spoke of the differences between "good Iraqis" and "dead-enders." All that talk is gone now. To the U.S. government, and much of its citizenry, Iraqis are dysfunctional and ignorant. There is no longer a line dividing the good from the bad Iraqis.
Only a fool would not have seen the bigotry thrust on Iraq prior to the March 2003 invasion and not have concluded that this was Arabaphobia at its worst. The same cliches and statements used against Iraqis under the Ba’ath government are now used against Iraqis of all persuasions.
Even al-Maliki has seen that what was promised is not what was delivered. Despite all the bluster about Iraq now running its own affairs, the shots are called in Washington. If the U.S. administration wants al-Maliki out, he will be gone. There are many means available, including assassination. In the early 1960s, the president of South Vietnam was assassinated by CIA operatives. He had outlived his usefulness. Don’t count out assassination as a means of getting a new prime minister in Iraq.
A few months ago, al-Maliki publicly stated that U.S. troops were no longer needed in Iraq. Within 48 hours, he was in Washington, D.C. In front of the worldwide press corps, he emerged from a back room with George Bush. Al-Maliki’s head was pointing downward as he and Bush approached the podium. Bush then said there may have been a misunderstanding but all was well again. Al-Maliki was handed a piece of paper from which he read a statement in English proclaiming that U.S. troops should stay in Iraq indefinitely. He had experienced his trip to the woodshed.
Unless he is even a bigger fool than I thought, al-Maliki must realize that he and each and every Iraqi are nothing more than sand niggers to the U.S. government and public. He thought he was pulling a fast one on the people of Iraq, all the time assisting his new allies in Washington. In fact, he was used by the administration and is in the process of being chewed up and spit out.
The U.S. conned the Iraqi collaborators who assisted in bringing "democracy" and "freedom" to Iraq. Shortly before the bogus Iraqi elections of January 30, 2005, the American Forces Press Service published an article titled, "Upcoming Elections Represent 'Historic Moment,’ Iraqi Minister Says." According to the piece:
Iraq’s January 30 elections mark "the beginning of the end of miseries and difficulties that the people of Iraq have endured for so many decades," Iraq’s interim deputy prime minister told Pentagon reporters today during a videoconference from Baghdad.
Hindsight shows that the deputy prime minister (Barham Sali) was slightly off in his prediction.
Let me turn to a quote made by Dr. Abbas Khalaf, Saddam Hussein’s personal Russian/Arabic translator. On November 3, 2006, he was interviewed by CTV’s Moscow bureau. The subject of the interview was the current Iraq of violence and destruction compared to Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Khalaf stated:
You could agree or disagree with him, but now even those who were secretly against him are saying he understood us better than we understand ourselves.
Saddam Hussein had understood for years that the U.S. would eventually invade Iraq and try to destroy every aspect of the country that opposed U.S. hegemony. Al-Maliki should have taken notes when Saddam spoke. His assessment was not only for Ba’athist Iraq, but for any government Iraq would field in the future.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Angle 25 - August - 2007

News others won't tell you

History was made on this day:
1886 -
Kentucky State College (now University), chartered in May,1886 as the State Normal School for Colored Persons and only the second state-supported institution of higher learning in Kentucky, is founded in Frankfort, Kentucky. It will become a land grant college in 1890..


"While this sentence can never repair the suffering and loss brought by these heinous acts of racial violence, it will hopefully bring some closure to the families of Henry Dee and Charlie Moore who have waited decades for justice," said Wan Kim, US assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Remembering Roger Stone Fondly
Village Voice readers may remember the Republican operative from Wayne Barrett's reporting on Stone's secret role in Al Sharpton's Presidential Campaign in 2004 or how Stone exploited his Bush administration contacts to make millions in the Indian gaming industry after he fomented the "'Brooks Brothers mob' that shut down the Miami-Dade recount in 2000." - The Struggle to Free the Jena Six
The nooses were hung after a Black student asked permission to sit under a tree that had been reserved by tradition for white students only. In response to the three nooses, nearly every Black student in the school stood under the tree in a spontaneous and powerful act of nonviolent protest. The town's district attorney quickly arrived, flanked by police officers, and told the Black students to stop making such a big deal over the nooses, which school officials termed to be a "harmless prank."

The NAFTA Superhighway
The proposed highway is part of a broader plan advanced by a quasi-government organization called the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” or SPP.
The SPP was first launched in 2005 by the heads of state of Canada, Mexico, and the United States at a summit in Waco. The SPP was not created by a treaty between the nations involved, nor was Congress involved in any way. Instead, the SPP is an unholy alliance of foreign consortiums and officials from several governments. One principal player is a Spanish construction company, which plans to build the highway and operate it as a toll road. But don’t be fooled: the superhighway proposal is not the result of free market demand, but rather an extension of government-managed trade schemes like NAFTA that benefit politically-connected interests.

Intelligence report at odds with U.S. policies on Iraq
The U.S. National Intelligence Estimate has effectively discredited the dominant American hypothesis of the past seven months: that safer streets, secured by additional troops, would create enough political calm for Iraq's leaders to reconcile. They have failed to do so in part, suggests the report, which was released Thursday, because the security gains remain too modest to reverse Iraq's dynamic of violence and fear. Baghdad after all, remains a place where women at the market avoid buying river fish for fear that they've been eating bodies.

Police State! Congress authorizes domestic spying
It’s the law of the land now and it was enacted with the open complicity of the Democratically-controlled Congress.

Pentagon's New Drug Weapons
While the CIA and military drug experiments of the 50s and 60s might be written off as just a phase they were going through, a new report from the Bradford Nonlethal Weapons Research Project shows that the interest in psychoactive substances has continued right up until the present day.

While We Slept, America Has Gone Fascist
A brief summary of presidential directives, executive orders, and congressionaly approved bills that where signed into law over the last 40+ years.And no, this isn't a bunch of conspiracy nonsense. They are simply facts.


Iran's Happy Jewish Population A Big Problem For Israel
Why are some 25,000 Jews living peacefully in Iran and more than reluctant to leave despite repeated enticements from Israel and American Jews?

Mugabe: When a cheer jars the West, rings farthest
Sadc has re-stoked the African sentiment ahead of Portugal, itself the setting for the EU-Africa Summit. And it’s not accidental that the western envoys who expressed shock at Mugabe’s popularity are from Lisbon. They know what they will be up against should they ever buckle to British fears of the potential hazard of a Brown accidental hand-shake with the "coarse" Mugabe in a dimly lit Lisbon corner.

Castro: American materialism threatens human existence
He used the latest of his “Reflections of the Commander in Chief” columns to lambaste American capitalism, quoting a former Russian defense official who says the world must stand up to the United States and its money-grubbing ways.

“Commercial advertising and consumerism are incompatible with the survival of the species,” Pres. Castro wrote in the essay titled “Hard and Obvious Realities” and published in Cuba’s two leading state-controlled newspapers.
'Castro dead' rumours send Miami wild


Report: Muqtada al-Sadr says Iraq's government is near its end
"The prime minister is a tool for the Americans, and people see that clearly. It will probably be the Americans who decide to change him when they realize he has failed. We don't have a democracy here, we have a foreign occupation."
Sadr pledges to work with UN if it replaces US, Britain in Iraq

Yazidis fear further attacks
The Yazidis, who are primarily Kurdish, follow a pre-Islamic faith which instills belief in God the creator and respects the Biblical and Quranic prophets.The main focus of their worship is Malak Taus, the chief of the archangels. Because Malak Taus is sometimes wrongly identified as Satan, the Yazidis have been branded devil worshippers, and suffered intermittent persecution as a result.

No Iraqi ever called me a nigger.
I was reading somewhere how the number of blacks signing up for military service has reduced over the years; and honestly, I couldn't be happier. It seems that since the year 2000, black enlistment in the military has been reduced by at least a third. The numbers don't lie, and the news
media has just now started to pick up on this beautiful phenomenon.


What would Garvey do? -- August 2007
Marcus Garvey said, “Look for me in the Whirlwind.” Today that Whirlwind has come in the form of Kemet World, and it is taking the country by storm.

China Is Not The Problem
Clearly, it is a mistake for the US government and economists to think of the imbalance as if it were produced by Chinese companies underselling goods produced by US companies in America. The imbalance is the result of US companies producing their goods in China and selling them in America.

A Boycott Of Israel: Something Has Changed
"I am Ahmed Hamzeh, street entertainer," he said in measured English. "Over there, I played many musical instruments; I sang in Arabic, English and Hebrew, and because I was rather poor, my very small son would chew gum while the monkey did its tricks. When we lost our country, we lost respect. One day a rich Kuwaiti stopped his car in front of us. He shouted at my son, "Show me how a Palestinian picks up his food rations!" So I made the monkey appear to scavenge on the ground, in the gutter. And my son scavenged with him. The Kuwaiti threw coins and my son crawled on his knees to pick them up. This was not right; I was an artist, not a beggar . . . I am not even a peasant now." "How do you feel about all that?"

The 13 Illuminati Satanic Bloodlines


Worse Than 1929

Brace yourself for the insolvency crunch
Why? Because trust had collapsed to such a degree that players with a lot of cash no longer believed it safe to leave wealth in bank accounts, or the money market funds of brokerage companies - (exposed as they are to short-term commercial paper and subprime CDOs). This did not occur after 9/11, or in the heat of the October 1987 crash. Nor did was there such a banking panic in October 1929. (it hit in August 1931). If you think this is of no importance, or that this will pass swiftly, you have a strong nerve.

Sub-prime crisis is the edge of a financial hurricane
The US sub-prime is just the leading edge of a financial hurricane. For far too long, no-one seemed to care if borrowers would be able to service their debts: borrowers themselves seemed not to care; lenders seemed not to care; and investors in the packages of mortgage loans created by banks and sold to institutions such as pension funds seemed not to care. In short, there was a global credit bubble.


Time Travel Machine Outlined
Unlike past ideas for time machines, this new concept does not require exotic, theoretical forms of matter. Still, this new idea requires technology far more advanced than anything existing today, and major questions remain as to whether any time machine would ever prove stable enough to enable actual travel back in time.

The Best Videogame With Women Warriors and Hot Cross Buns Ever
For those of us accustomed to the stale world of videogame stereotypes—macho male characters, cut-and-dried storylines, a decided lack of culinary interest—Atlus’ role-playing game, Odin Sphere, serves up some pretty mixed messages, and a lot of fresh air.


Preserving Our Past, One Jar at a Time
Take advantage of summer's bounty by choosing fresh, firm fruits and vegetables versus overly ripe, bruised or damaged ones.

Very easy to make. Be sure to wash and then boil jars and lids fo 15 minutes before filling. Then air dry them on a rack... do not use a towel or the like to dry! Also a general rule of thumb is to put hot product into hot jars and cold into cold.


Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police/Evening News

The Success and Undoing of Vee-Jay Records
In 1953, Vivian and James Bracken from Gary, Ind., borrowed $500 from a pawnbroker to start a record company. Thirteen years later, Vee-Jay Records became the country's biggest independent, black-owned record label, and for a time, it was bigger than Motown.
Vee-Jay was even the Beatles' first American label.

Trumpeter Terence Blanchard Performs Live in 4A
Last year, Blanchard captured the devastation of his hometown in his film score for Spike Lee's documentary, When the Levees Broke. Blanchard also appeared in front of the camera, taking an emotional journey back to the city to find his childhood home destroyed.
Blanchard continues his story on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with his latest CD, "A Tale of God's Will (a requiem for Katrina)."

Kanye, Eve Answer Gay Rumors
Both Kanye West and Eve have come out recently to address gay rumors that have followed them throughout their careers.

Seventh Annual Salsa Congress Brings the Moves Back Home
As a Haitian gentlemen said at the Club Cache salsa night on a recent Thursday, the best thing about salsa today is that you can go just about anywhere in the world and find people to dance with. During the New York Salsa Congress, you don't have to go around the world. The salsa world is coming here, coming home.

Ted Nugent Goes Off On Obama And Hillary!


Homey the Clown (In Living Color)
Brother Daman Wayans in the early days.

Just a Little Music for Ya!

This is the first of the music entries. We will put together these mini concerts every Saturday. This one featuring one of the greatest of all time Miles Davis. Not just great because of his musical ability, but for his leadership. This man changed the course of music history repeatedly. From Be-Bop to Cool to infusing Jazz and Hip Hop. Check It!

Miles Davis & John Coltrane- SO WHAT
Two of the greatest together.

The Miles-Davis-Tapes, 1967

Tutu (live) Miles Davis

Miles Davis - Miles in Paris 1/10
Miles Davis - Miles in Paris 2/10
Make sure you play both. Recorded during the 10th Paris Jazz Festival - 3rd November, 1989 in Zenith. All I can say is... Kenny You are a Bad Ass!! This entire concert is here on the tube.