Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Angle 23 - August - 2006

News others won't tell you

Osama's funeral announcement
No use hunting for a dead guy, right?


Katrina rhetoric fails to calm growing storm
Some in New Orleans resent the focus on black poverty, arguing that many middle-class people, white and black, also lost homes to Katrina. But, as the anniversary nears, even the briefest drive through the city reveals an obvious truth: wealthier neighbourhoods are recovering much quicker than poor black ones.

Scientists make key stem cell advance
Scientists in the US have created human embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos, a discovery that appears to get round a basic ethical objection to stem cell research.

9/11 'hero' image undone
What if Rudy's take-charge image was mostly a load of bravado and PR? What if the actual decisions he made - before, during and after the terror attacks - were directly responsible for the city's inability to deal effectively with crucial aspects of the crisis?

New 'Doll Test' Produces Ugly Results
The video taped doll test resulted from a collection of writings compiled on issues of importance to Black girls in high school. Complexion was a recurring theme.

Key Founder of Black Political Party Dies
On August 21, John Hulett died at his home in Lowndes County, Alabama. He was one of the founders of the Lowndes County Freedom Organization in 1966. This was a political party that sought to elect African-Americans to county office.


Israeli troops raid southern Gaza
Israeli soldiers backed by helicopter gunships, tanks and armored personnel carriers, moved into Palestinian-controlled areas near the main Israel-Gaza cargo crossing on Tuesday, conducting house-to-house searches and arrests.
Israel Suspends Review of Lebanon War

Report: Iran replaces US as Middle East power
"The United States, with Coalition support, has eliminated two of Iran's regional rival governments - the Taleban in Afghanistan in November 2001 and Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq in April 2003 - but has failed to replace either with coherent and stable political structures."

Afghanistan Descends Into Chaos Once Again
"The Americans abandoned Afghanistan," when they were around, people were making money. The Taliban had run away but they were not defeated and the Americans knew that too. Yet the US decreased the number of its troops."

China moves to end funeral stripteases
Striptease send-offs at funerals may become a thing of the past in east China after five people were arrested for organizing the intimate farewells


Baghdad's Walls Are Closing In
Conditions that lead Pentagon generals to say civil war is close are already polarizing many neighborhoods. Although Shiites and Sunnis still live side by side in some places, about 200,000 Iraqis, most of them from Baghdad, have left their mixed neighborhoods and taken refuge in communities where they can live among their own.


President Bush's letter authorizing the use of force in Iraq
Only a few days ago, President Bush made the statement that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, and that nobody in his administration had made that claim. Yet here in his letter of March 19th, 2003, specific reference is made to 9-11 in activating the Congressional Authorization for the use of force in Iraq.
Bush Now Says What He Wouldn’t Say Before War: Iraq Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With 9/11


'Nastier, deeper' recession coming
This is the biggest housing slump in the last four or five decades: every housing indictor is in free fall, including now housing prices. The decline in investment in the housing sector will exceed the drop in investment when the Nasdaq collapsed in 2000 and 2001


Rationality and Israeli violence
The Israeli self-image of rationality, self- confidence, restraint, pragmatism, and marshal moral superiority are delusions and myths, constructed to protect the Israeli psyche, manipulated by the state to keep alive the specter of existential terror in the Israeli public and to disguise the state's raison d'être, expansion and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.


Giant nests perplex experts
To the bafflement of insect experts, gigantic yellow jacket nests have started turning up in old barns, unoccupied houses, cars and underground cavities across the southern two-thirds of Alabama.


Study Cites Danger of Carrying Extra Weight
A study from the National Cancer Institute finds that 50-year-olds who are even a little overweight have a greater chance of dying prematurely. And the heavier you are, the greater the risk.


Grilling the peaches adds something special.


Leadbelly's 'Old Man' and the Work Song Tradition
On Dec. 14, 1941, Huddie Ledbetter recorded a song called "Old Man." Ledbetter, a singer best known as Leadbelly, is most widely remembered for "Goodnight Irene," "Midnight Special," and "Rock Island Line." He said "Old Man" was a piece that the waterfront laborers -- the roustabouts -- sang as they loaded the steamboats before making the trip up the Mississippi.


Fiore: How to Relax and Enjoy Global Warming