Thursday, February 21, 2008

Music to read by

I didn't forget to post music to read by.

George Duke Live at the NSJF 2001

Sade - Cherish the day

Tutu (live) Miles Davis

Luther VanDross - Superstar (Live) [Early version]

Zapp & Roger - Summer Jam '98 part2/2

The Return of Another Angle 21 - February - 2008

I am feeling much better! Nuff said, back to work!

"For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country...."
But wait; let's look at the rest of that statement:
"...And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction...”
Mmmm, OK, now it makes sense when taken in it's proper context.


Thanx To

RNC Donor Event Outlines Obama Attack Plan
The RNC’s “winter retreat” for major donors at Los Angeles’ Beverly Wilshire Hotel featured such party stalwarts as Karl Rove, RNC chairman Robert Duncan, former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams, as well as some Hollywood types, including Dave Berg, a segment producer and “political director” for “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Israeli Newspaper Prints Racist Obama Cartoon

הבית עדיין לבן, אבל לא עוד הרבה זמן, הואיל הקריקטוריסט של 'מעריב' להודיע לקוראיו. שַווּ-נא בנפשכם מֶה היה קורה אילו יהודי התמודד על הנשיאות, ועתון גדול בארה"ב היה מפרסם קריקטורה המראה אותו צובע מגיני דויד ענקיים על כותלי הבית הלבן. אנטישמיות, היתה הליגה נגד השמצה מכריזה (בצדק). אבל זה אפילו גרוע ממגיני דויד. כאן הצבע השחור הוא תוצאה של צבע עור, לא של אמונה דתית. איזו בושה

Countdown: The Implications Behind O’Reilly’s “Lynching Party” Quote
Keith Olbermann brings on Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson to discuss the horrific history behind Bill O’Reilly’s casual and callous use of the phrase “lynching party” in reference to Michelle Obama’s quote about being really proud of this country and the implications one may draw from it.

Here it comes…
Obama’s family must be Commies. That’s a new one.

Oil, gold prices strike historic highs

Famines May Occur Without Record Crops This Year, Potash Says
``We keep going to the cupboard without replacing and so there is enormous pressure on agriculture to have a record crop every year,'' Doyle said. ``We need to have a record crop in 2008 just to stay even with this very low inventory situation.''

McCain: ‘I’m The Only Candidate That The Special Interests Don’t Give Money To’
According to the
Center for Responsive Politics, McCain has taken nearly $1.2 million in campaign contributions from the telephone utility and telecom service industries, more than any other Senator. McCain sides with the telecom companies on retroactive immunity.

The Divine Destruction of America: Can She Avert It?
When we’re talking about judgment, in this case we’re talking about God forming a decision that comes down against America and against this world. God has sent down His decision. His intention is the total destruction of America. The question is, is America good and by what standard? If America has exceeded the limits, then somebody has to make God’s decision known. Publish the decision. There is no appeal, but there is a way to get out from it. It’s very narrow, it’s very limited, but you can avoid it.