Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Angle 13 - February - 2007

News others won't tell you

The Hillary Illusion
The machine is speaking very loudly about what they want and it is more important then ever to ask why, when the machine speaks so loudly and forcefully. There are reasons America; and there is too much at stake.


Obama to Howard - 'Put up or Shut up'
Looks like we finally got ourselves a presidential candidate with a backbone. This man IS presidential material.

US SENDING THIRD Carrier Strike Group to Persian Gulf

'Most cocaine enters US via Farc'
The Drugs Enforcement Agency's Michael Braun described the Farc as "half terrorists, half traffickers - the face of global crime in the 21st Century". The left-wing guerrilla army is thought to be one of the world's most powerful.

"Explosively formed penetrators" rebranded UK shells, and not Iranian?
Looks like that “slam-dunk” evidence that Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents is not so slam-dunk after all. NewsHog has the scoop,
here and here.
For one thing, the lettering and numbering isn’t in Farsi (the language used by Iranians); for another, the UK uses 81MM shells, and Iran would be much more likely to use Soviet-style 82MM shells.
Top American General Disputes US Military Claim on Iran
CNN: Bush-Backed Shiite Group Receiving Weapons Shipments From Iran

On Thursday February 1, 2007, the Senate passed a “minimum wage” bill. Unnoticed and unreported in the old media they included Amendment 187.

Police Probe Alleged Homeless Dumping
Coming SOON to a city near you!!

Ohio food stamp usage increases 71%
...the biggest factor is the economy," agency spokesman Jon Allen said. "Historically, you've always been able to trace the economy by food-stamp participation." The number of residents - many of them children - receiving aid increased by at least half over the six years in seven urban counties, and more than doubled in Franklin County, home to Columbus, and the six suburban counties surrounding it. Food stamp use has more than tripled in Union County and is close to tripled in Fairfield County.

FLASHBACK: What ever happened to these suspects??????

This is how stupid people are in the United States


De Beers to create black-run firm
The deal will bring together South Africa's state-run firm Alexkor and De Beers' Namaqualand mining operations. De Beers has been working to meet black economic empowerment rules, and last year sold 26% of its South African business to a black-owned company.

Somalia: Food shortages in the south as insecurity increases
Many "families reported that due to lack of food they had eaten seeds distributed for post-flood recessional planting … There is evidence to suggest that the region, including Buale and Jilib [Middle Juba] to Jamaame [Lower Juba], is in a similar humanitarian and livelihood situation," the agency said. An inter-agency response, it added, was under way.

Monsanto Dumped Toxic Waste in UK
Evidence has emerged that the Monsanto chemical company paid contractors to dump thousands of tonnes of highly toxic waste in British landfill sites, knowing that their chemicals were liable to contaminate wildlife and people.


The Origins of the Shia-Sunni Split
It's not known precisely how many of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims are Shia. The Shia are a minority, comprising between 10 percent and 15 percent of the Muslim population — certainly fewer than 200 million, all told.

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi speaks at Iraq forum
This is an accounting of what was happening on the ground almost a year ago.


Carlyle Makes A Killing With Defense Sale -
The Carlyle Group raked in an 800% return on its investment on Friday when it sewed up the sale of its 10.3% stake in QinetiQ Group, the British defense research company, said to be the inspiration behind doddering gadget maven Q in the James Bond films.

President George Walker Bush: The Greatest Threat to World Peace
The following text is excerpted from a press conference held by Minister Farrakhan in Detroit, Michigan, on October 8, 2002, giving an analysis of President Bush’s national address concerning the Iraqi Threat, delivered at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 7, 2002.


Counterfeiting Money - Crime or Good Economics?
Did you ever think that counterfeiting money could be good for the economy and that the counterfeiter could be considered an economic genius or even a national hero?


Barack Can Beat Hillary, If...
If he keeps on being Barack Obama. If he continues to tell it the way he sees it.

Paul Craig Roberts: How the World Can Stop Bush
The Bush Regime has taken the US outside the boundaries of international law and is acting unilaterally, falsely declaring American military aggression to be "defensive" and in the interests of peace. Much of the world realizes the hypocrisy and danger in the Bush Regime's justification of the unbridled use of US military power, but no countries except other nuclear powers can challenge American aggression, and then only at the risk of all life on earth.
The solution is nonmilitary challenge.


Computer experts warn of viruses in Valentine messages
"Computer users should keep a wary eye on any romantic messages received by e-mail, as many of them could contain malicious code," said US security firm PandaLabs after detecting an increase in a worm it dubbed Nurech.A.
The worm hides in e-mails with subjects like: "Together You and I," "Til the End of Time Heart of Mine."


No sleep means no new brain cells
The work on rats, by a team from Princeton University found a lack of sleep affected the hippocampus, a brain region involved in forming memories.


The Juicy History of Blood Oranges
In 1646, a Jesuit scholar wrote of an orange with purple-colored flesh that tasted strangely like a grape. The mystery and drama of blood oranges has fascinated citrus lovers ever since.

Four Flowers Juice
Named for the four fruits that go into this recipe, the drink is a refreshing accompaniment to brunch at Sarabeth's restaurant in New York.


Cassandra Wilson: Soul, Jazz and New Sounds
Cassandra Wilson grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, and went on to become one of the top jazz singer-songwriters of the 1990s. She was playing the guitar and piano by age 9, and by the '70s was performing with an assortment of R&B bands.


The Meek Decide It's Time To Inherit The Earth