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Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour
Hagee stressed the need for a preemptive military attack on Iran to "prevent a nuclear holocaust" as he introduced Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to thunderous applause from the crowd. Lieberman compared Hagee to Moses and pointed out a visiting Rick Santorum as a "worker for what is good in our society."

Gonzales Probed, Rove Subpoenaed
Hopefully it's an anal probe!

Activists pressuring Georgia to free Genarlow Wilson
The NAACP is also calling for the ouster of the Douglas County District Attorney, David McDade. Genarlow Wilson’s case is steadily gaining national attention, as Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, in his address at a NAACP convention held in Detroit July 12, made mention of the disparity between Mr. Wilson’s case and the commuting of former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison term.

FBI to recruit thousands of covert informants
The FBI expects its informants to provide secrets about possible terrorists and foreign spies, although some may also be expected to aid with criminal investigations, in the tradition of law enforcement confidential informants.

Guard numbers on border to be halved
As I have told many, there will be no legalization or amnesty. If They make the Hispanics legal then they have to pay them. Then they have to work under the rules that WE set up.
No more seven workers for the price of one. No more working 16 hours a day.

Baboon Hunting Season Open
Bush's executive orders read like the most diabolical sci-fi novel and outline such a drastic surgery to the US that it should be enough to start an exodus. But, of course, the yank doesn't read, apart from thick-font tabloid headlines, and it's unlikely any of the Bush media whores are going to cover this, as the pro-US vacuous tit-bouncing lip-inflated bimbos have lied for the last at least 7 years 24/7. So don't expect any serious awakening of the sleeping giant genitally-mutilated baboon here.

Obama Tries to Turn Clinton Words on Her


Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable cruise missile


New U.S. Embassy rises in Iraq
"It's all for them, all of Iraq's resources, water, electricity, security," said Raid Kadhim Kareem, who has watched the buildings go up at a floodlighted site bristling with construction cranes from his post guarding an abandoned home on the other side of the Tigris River. "It's as if it's their country, and we are guests staying here."
Slave labor used to contruct U.S. Embassy In Baghdad.
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Conservative blog: It's time to take Fredo fishing
No, Alberto Gonzales should not be offed. Let me repeat that: No one should kill, wound, or even try to temporarily inconvenience the life functions of the current Attorney General of the United States. But the man President Bush calls "Fredo"--was a Presidential nickname ever more apt?--should at long last be invited to spend more time with his family. Much more time. He should be a Soccer Dad, a Harry Potter Dad, a Couch Potato, Sleeping Late In The Morning The Better To Avoid Any Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings He Might Accidentally Stumble Into Dad, a Dad who doesn't leave the Gonzales family compound for any reason whatsoever without legions upon legions of intelligent adults accompanying him in a supervisory capacity.

Voice of the White House July 19, 2007
The Democrats are pussy-futting around, enraging the electorate who elected them to stop the crazy Bush from further manic bloodshed. Recruitment has tanked, the Surge is a total flop, Republicans are hysterical with fear and about 30% of the staff has quit the Monkey Palace with more desertions planned. I still think the only thing to do is to impeach both Bush and Cheney but the Democrats are too frightened and too busy looking for more lobbyist money to be worth more than a pinch of sour owl shit.”

Clarence Thomas: a Lost Cause – Part II
It is ironic that Thomas would rule out the use of race in all but the most extreme circumstances when he has advanced all the way to the Supreme Court largely because of his race.In their book, “Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas,” Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher observe: “Every Thomas employer, from Danforth, who gave him his first job, to President George H.W. Bush, who nominated him to the Supreme Court, chose Thomas at least partly because he is black. Race is a central fact of his meteoric rise, and Thomas has alternately denied it and resented it –all the way to the top.”


Rethink the old Slavemaster-Slave relationship
It appears that integration has only meant the surrendering of our dollars to others so that they can enhance their lives while our businesses close and our problems remain unattended. We must look like a very foolish people in the eyes of others who nurse themselves to economic strength on our earnings and then abandon us and ridicule us as they advance and leave us further behind. We need to turn constructively inward, pool our resources intellectually and financially, and begin to build a future for ourselves and our children. We must patronize ourselves, as others patronize themselves.


More Apple "IPhone" Security Flaws Exposed by "Globalist" Security Company


Within this 800 page rule the FDA states, “We find that this final rule will have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.... Establishments with above average costs, and even establishments with average costs, could be hard pressed to continue to operate.


Roasted Zucchini and Radishes
Radishes, when roasted, lose their bite and perfectly complement the mellow sweetness of cooked zucchini.


In Hurricane Katrina's surreal backwaters
Around the block from the corner of Forstall and Galvez in the Lower Ninth Ward, a ragtag armada of pirogues, sailboats and motorboats stripped of their engines sit on a dusty curb. Though they may have once been used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to rescue flood victims, their next cue will be as props for "Black Water Transit," a Hollywood "post-Katrina gunrunning thriller" once slated to star Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, now set to feature Lawrence Fishburne and Karl Urban. Production workers have also built a "wrecked" house from the ground up at this desolate corner in the city's hardest-hit neighborhood.

'Cavemen' Series Gets a New Criticism: It's Racist
As the show's pilot episode began circulating in Hollywood, so did a new round of criticism: that Cavemen trafficked in the very racial caricatures it was supposed to be lampooning. By depicting the Cro-Magnons as good dancers, great athletes and grand sexual partners, the show's detractors argued, Cavemen was using black stereotypes for cheap racist laughs. "We finally get to laugh at all the stereotypes in the world directed at cavemen, without feeling guilty," wrote one Hollywood blogger.


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