Sunday, July 06, 2008

René Marie~Thanks,But I Don't Dance

It appears that this Sista has a large body of recorded work. How would I know I live in CincyNasty. The information black hole of the Multiverse. Yes Margaret,there are more than ours.

So in keeping with this site's tradition of throwing some serious jams at you....

Birth of a Groove
Listen in as René and her band work up a new tune, "You Can't See Me."
Making It Live
Hear what happens when René tries her new tune in public for the first time.
Love for Sale
Watch video of René and the band rehearsing the Cole Porter classic.
Inspired by Ella
Visit the inspiration page to hear René mimic jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

Thanks to NPR.

So while others try to trash her, we take a good look at a great talent.

I'm In Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee Marie was invited to sing the National Anthem at a state ceremony this week. Click the video to see what happened.