Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dr. King

As we prepare to "HONOR" Dr. King again, I want to share a few things with you.

I have been to The Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, some of you have. Of all of these types of places, relating to the history of the African in America, this one is crucial to a true understanding of where we are now.

First, it truly underscores for you how little things have really changed for us. All of us on this mailing are doing things that just fifty years ago were unheard of for us. Some of us are doing extremely well. Some of us do things daily that would make Dr. King happy. That maybe it was worthwhile.

But, in some ways, we have lost the core of what made us strong when he was taken from us.

Our organizations depend on corporate support to exist. Except for our cars and homes most of us own nothing, but we are in debt up to our ears. We neither build or grow anything. We are at the mercy of folk that have shown historically that could care less whether we live or die. But we support them and their causes more than we support ourselves. We hate ourselves and each other so much that we do unspeakable things.

So as we go off to the parades, basketball games and to shop and give our dollars to those same folk, this year let's resolve to really do something to honor Dr. King.

First, let's stop dreaming and and demand payment on the check that keeps coming back marked insufficient funds. Let's take control of our government,on the local level with the vote and take our share of the proceeds. Let's band together to do something for our betterment. No one is coming to save us.

And finally let's Honor the man by finding and punishing his murderer and their accomplices. This must be non negotiable.