Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Angle 26 - June - 2007

News others won't tell you

History was made on this day:
1970 - Frank Robinson hits 2 grand slams as Baltimore Orioles beat the Washington Senators



Three issues in the safety of genetically modified crops
There may be some who believe that we should all have unlabelled liver gene therapy with our salad. I know this is high tech writing but, I include it because we all need to know as much as posible about what they are doing to OUR FOOD!!!
Could genetically modified crops be killing bees?
Bees dying of mysterious infection

Olympian Marion Jones 'bankrupt'
Legal bills have plagued Jones since 2003, when suspicions of drug use emerged and she was linked to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative after a federal raid. Jones retained lawyers for her BALCO grand jury testimony, for negotiations with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in her fight to avoid being banned from competition and for a defamation lawsuit she filed against BALCO founder Victor Conte, who accused her of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Who Killed JFK?
Shortly before President John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas, he made certain statements, any one of which would align powerful antagonistic forces against him:
1) He would eliminate
the CIA,
2) He would issue Treasury greenbacks (which don’t pay interest) in lieu of financing government deficits through the
Federal Reserve, and
3) He spoke against empowering the state of
Israel with nuclear capability.


African states oppose US presence
The Libyan and Algerian governments reportedly said that they would play no part in hosting Africom. Despite recently improved relations with the US, both said they would urge their neighbours not to do so, either, due to fears of future American intervention. Even Morocco, considered Washington's closest north African ally, indicated it did not welcome a permanent military presence on its soil.

Fifty years later, Ghana stands as trailblazer for African independence
On March 6, 1957, Africa’s Gold Coast became Ghana, the continent’s first Black state to break the shackles of colonial rule, a bloodless handover of power that set off a wave of independence worldwide.

The Coup Against Hamas
After President George Bush commanded democracy to flower in the Arab World, to his shock and awe, Hamas won a major democratic electoral victory in the region’s second free election. The first, in Algeria in 1991, produced a landslide for the Islamist reformist movement, FIS. Algeria’s French and US-backed army quickly annulled the election and jailed FIS leaders. Washington quickly sent $80 million of US arms to Dahlan’s Fatah fighters, who were trained and organized by CIA specialists.
Blair gets Middle East job; 'Disaster for Palestinians'

Afghan opium production 'soars'

The fire this time: after 13 years the poor grow tired of waiting
It is the evident wealth of others, mostly white but including a small newly enriched black elite, that has contributed to bitter divisions within the ANC over the government's economic strategy. The issue is expected to dominate a party conference this week.


U.S. Plan to Capture and Kill Insurgents in Baquba Fell Far Short of Goal, Officer Says
“When I came here I thought there were 300 to 500 fighters in there because that is what the intelligence told me,” he said. “Does that mean that half or more eluded us? I guess it does.”


Freedom Rider: Supreme Injustices
In the past month, the Roberts court has lived up to predictions that the worst case scenario has come to full fruition. In Ledbetter v. Goodyear, the court essentially advised workers to file discrimination lawsuits as soon as they begin a new job. Discrimination complaints under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act must now be made within 180 days of the discriminatory pay practice taking place. If the victim smells a rat after 180 days, there is no legal remedy and employers have no fear of legal retribution.


Stars Have Earth-Like Weather


Cherries on Top
It seems that each year, I'm so wrapped up in the too-brief strawberry season that I fail to pay my respects to the too-brief cherry season. Both fruits reach and surpass their peak disconcertingly quickly, between late spring and mid-summer.


Flavor Flav Ordered to Pay $1.8 Million in Shooting Lawsuit
A New York state judge has ordered rapper Flavor Flav to pay a reported $1.8 million to a neighbor he allegedly shot at 10 years ago in a Bronx apartment building.

All the Beer in the World Can't Save Mario Party 8
If you throw a Mario Party party and friends actually come, it's only fair to warn them that it'll be one of those "eight o'clock till ???” kinds of parties. Games can drag on for a frustrating hour or more and culminate in the winner ultimately achieving a somewhat random and hollow victory. Older players may want to hike up the fun by breaking out that beer bong and making a real event of the proceedings (every time Luigi loses his coins, take a drink!).