Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Angle 24 - March - 2006

News others won't tell you


A City Steps Up: Savannah Confronts Poverty
Savannah, Ga., is one of the oldest and loveliest cities in America. Called "the Little Easy" for its charming historic district and hospitality, Savannah nonetheless grapples with stubborn poverty and crime higher than that of many larger cities.

Farrakhan Visits Cuba to Learn About Disaster Relief Programs
Minister Farrakhan said he was visiting Cuba to try to learn as much as possible and "spread the knowledge" among impoverished U.S. black, Hispanic and Native American communities. The government of Cuban President Fidel Castro offered to send doctors to the United States to help Hurricane Katrina victims. The State Department said Cuba's help was not needed.

DOD removes missile defense system report from Web site
The Department of Defense withdrew from its web site a DoD inspector general report that was critical of information security in the Missile Defense Agency's ground-based missile defense system. You can also get the document right here at
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Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets
Vietnam was a chemical war for oil, permanently contaminating large regions and countries downriver with Agent Orange, and environmentally the most devastating war in world history. But since 1991, the U.S. has staged four nuclear wars using depleted uranium weaponry, which, like Agent Orange, meets the U.S. government definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Vast regions in the Middle East and Central Asia have been permanently contaminated with radiation.

Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21
If you believe even half of Agenda 21 and it’s dealings with the World Trade Organization, The World Bank, The President’s Commission on Sustainable Development, The Commission on Global Governance, The World Conference on Global Governance, The Millennium Project, The Court of Criminal Justice, The Nature Conservancy, The World Summit on Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, AND the “visioning” training and manipulation of American people, then you realize what has happened right under our noses over the past 35 years and without one national personality ever mentioning Agenda 21.


Leeds suspends 'racist' lecturer
A university lecturer who claimed black people were intellectually inferior to whites was suspended today. Dr Ellis said he supported ideas such as the theory developed by Richard J Herrnstein and Charles Murray in their 1994 book, The Bell Curve, which claims that white people are more intelligent than black people. He also told the Leeds Student paper that women did not have the same intellectual capacity as men.


Gunmen Kill 20 in Breakout at Iraqi Jail
About 100 masked gunmen stormed a prison near the Iranian border Tuesday, cutting phone wires, freeing all the inmates and leaving behind a scene of devastation and carnage 20 dead policemen, burned-out cars and a smoldering jailhouse.

Iraq's My Lai?
The growing evidence of retaliatory killings of unarmed Iraqi families, often including children, by US soldiers seemingly bent on punishing Iraqis after an attack, will spark comparisons with the massacre of Vietnamese villagers at My Lai in 1968.

The Aftermath Of A Massacre
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Barb. Bush Katrina donation--to son
Former first lady Barbara Bush donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son Neil.

George W. Bush: The Luckiest President Ever
What luck! For 5 years the most protested man in American history has never been exposed to a single member of the American public who does not approve of his actions 100%. And we are now told that Mr. Bush, the most protested human in American history, had a non-screened audience and not a single voice of opposition rang out. Amazing luck; wouldn’t you say? Did you see the movie called “The Truman Show?” Think about it!
Bush Bombs in Cleveland

Bush uncle set to earn millions from company that profited from Iraq war
A report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shows that William H.T. Bush collected a little less than $1.9 million in cash plus stock valued at more than $800,000 as a result of the sale of Engineered Support Systems Inc. to DRS Technologies of New Jersey.


Snoop Dogg Launches New Pet Line for Dogs
Snoop Dogg has entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with JAKKS Pacific Inc. to market a line of pet products based on the rapper's image.


MARGARET KIMBERLEY: Let Iran have the bomb
On July 3, 1988 the U.S. navy shot down, accidentally we are told, an Iranian passenger jet, killing 290 people. When Bush the elder became president he awarded the Legion of Merit for "exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of an outstanding service" to the commander who ordered the shot fired. Whose country is crazy?

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "Cheney Certifiably Insane"
"On Sunday, Vice President Dick Cheney did not express any regret for predicting in the days before the invasion that U.S. troops would be greeted as liberators or his assessment 10 months ago that the insurgency was in its 'last throes.' On the contrary, he said the optimistic statements 'were basically accurate, reflect reality.'"
Cheney's hotel room demands revealed


Chicken Stuffing is Million-Dollar Idea
Anna Ginsberg had no idea when she tried using frozen waffles as stuffing for chicken that she'd get a million dollars for the recipe. The Austin, Texas, woman says she's still shocked that her name was called out as this year's Pillsbury Bake-Off winner.

Partner this sandwich with a bean and rice salad and some crunchy pickles. End with vanilla pudding and fresh pineapple. Can be prepared in 45 minutes or less.


Dr Joy DeGruy-Leary brings message of healing with Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome - the history
Many of the social problems that affect not only African Americans but black British people and black people on the African and Caribbean continents are a consequence of what she has termed: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. At the start of her lecture she made it crystal clear that her new book: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, “is not based on conjecture and it is not based on pure theory, it is based on real history. It is a history book.”


"Doing the Bush Bash"