Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another Angle 11 - July - 2006

News others won't tell you


Clinton stokes Ohio vote fraud flames
"This country deserves to have an electoral system that has integrity. I know there's been a problem here in Ohio, and I hope everybody from Ohio is watching this election like a hawk. Don't let them pull anything over your eyes again.''

Maxine Defies; Barbara Disappoints
If it wasn't for the Congressional Black Caucus during the Clinton impeachment hearings my faith in democracy would have crumbled right then and there. You want a fight? They know how to fight, which is why the right hates them and spends so much time trying to marginalize them (well, that and the fact that they're, you know, black).

John Dean on Countdown: Conservatives Without Conscience
To put it simply, Dean makes the case (with data he uncovered) that many conservatives of today need an authoritarian figure to guide them and they willingly do whatever it takes to please that figure. Dean cites G. Gordon Liddy as the perfect example of a guy willing to be shot in the street to indulge his master.

One Astronaut's Personal Journey in Space Program
Among the seven-member crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery is Stephanie Wilson, only the second African-American woman to travel into space. NASA Mission Specialist Alvin Drew is a black astronaut on the waiting list for a space flight. He speaks with Ed Gordon about Discovery's mission and his personal journey through the space program.


Ghana launches project to welcome Africans from the Diaspora to the Motherland
The Ghanaian Minister for Tourism and Diasporean affairs, Hon. Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, addressed a special briefing session last Friday to launch an initiative for the year 2007 to “heal and reconcile” relations between Africans at home and abroad.

N Korea ready for 'all-out war'
NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has vowed not to make "even a tiny concession" to the United States and said Pyongyang was braced for "all-out war" after its missile tests, state television has warned

Gulf war vet shoots four
After staying with the bodies for up to 12 HOURS, he went to his local police station at about 6.15am yesterday. Bradley walked in with a bag containing a gun with a silencer, a pump action shotgun, a home-made nail bomb and ammunition. He put his house keys on the desk, and calmly said to the desk officer: “You may need these. I’ve just killed four people.”

A reminder what started the current crisis in the Mideast...
Even children playing on a beach are open game for Israelis. Unbelievable.


Iraq in Turmoil
More soldiers charged with murder and Nic Robertson reports on the violence that is sweeping through Iraq.
Video -WMP Video -QT


Cheney really wants U.S. dictator
Richard Cheney is a vile, indeed evil, influence in American political life. He is a very dangerous person who would if he could destroy American freedom about which he and his mentor prate hypocritically. His long years in Washington have caused him to lose faith in the legislative and judicial processes of the government. The country, he believes, requires a much stronger executive. Such concentrated power would have been necessary even if the World Trade Center attack had not occurred. He uses the fear of terrorists as a pretext to advance his agenda of an all powerful president, a military dictator. So long, of course, as he is a Republican.


Foreclosures Will Be Different This Time
Homeowners with little of their own money in their homes may think they will do what strapped homeowners in the ’90s did: turn over the keys to their lender if things get really bad and walk away.But...financial experts warn that things may be different this time because so many people have refinanced.

Confronting Black America's Debt Problem
Commentator Lester Spence says black Americans are shouldering increasing debt burdens to make ends meet -- and the government isn't helping address the issue. Spence is an assistant professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University.


Whack North Korea, Before It Can Protect Itself?
The US is the new Rome--there is no legitimate power but us. Any other power is a potential threat to our interests and must be eliminated before it gets any independent ideas.

Voting Rights Act Under Fire Again
Renewal was thought to be such a lock that a mysterious email circulated a couple of years ago that claimed that Congress would torpedo the Voting Rights Act and blacks would be again summarily kicked out the voting booth was branded as race paranoia run amok. The warning that blacks would be stripped of the vote altogether deserves laughter. The warning that their voting rights might be in trouble, however, does not.
Why Republicans Rip the Voting Rights Act

Pick a Crisis - Any Crisis
In spite of the fact that the American public continues to drug up and tune out via tell-a-vision, the impending numbers of potential “national emergencies” in this nation keep mounting up. In fact, it’s hard to keep count of all the horrific scenarios, which could be played out at any moment in time.


Psychopaths All Around Us
When most of us hear the word psychopath, we think of a serial killer, but it turns out there are many more of them that we think. In fact, you probably know a few.


Report: Shrooms improve attitudes
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions researchers conducted the study following carefully controlled, scientifically rigorous procedures. They said that the episodes generally led to positive changes in attitude and behavior among the 36 volunteer participants and that the changes appeared to last at least two months. Participants cited feelings of intense joy, "distance from ordinary reality," and feelings of peace and harmony after taking the drug. Two-thirds described the effects of the drug, called psilocybin, as among the five most meaningful experiences of their lives.


The Importance of Soul Food
The very fact that certain foods are even on the menu in most American restaurants today tells a story of how Africans came to this country and what happened when they got here. The discussion also covers how Southern cooking has come to be known by some as soul food, what that means and what it doesn't, and how the term "soul food" has come to mean more than just food.


Cassandra Wilson Takes Flight on 'Thunderbird'
Cassandra Wilson's new CD Thunderbird soars over a swirling array of musical influences. Backing up the pop tune "Go to Mexico," are the chant-like sounds of the Tchapatoulis Mardi Gras Indians. And you might have a version of the familiar American tune "Red River Valley" in your head, but Wilson -- one of the great jazz vocalists of her generation -- gives it a fresh new feel.