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Another Angle 2 - April - 2006

News others won't tell you


The new face of apartheid: J. Kenneth Hackwell's Ohio
It should come as no surprise that the Free Press is the only newspaper in Ohio willing to out Blackwell for appearing before white supremacists in the secretive Council on National Policy. Blackwell understands power; he understands that there’s plenty of money in putting a black face on the new politics of high-tech Jim Crow.

Ohio to criminalize 'drugged driving'
Ohio's SB 8 prohibits "the operation of a vehicle or vessel if a statutorily specified concentration of amphetamine, cocaine, cocaine metabolite, heroin, heroin metabolite (morphine), heroin metabolite (6-monoacetyl morphine), L.S.D., marihuana, marihuana metabolite, methamphetamine, or phencyclidine is present in the operator's blood or urine, subject to certain exceptions and to extend the time within which a chemical test of an arrested person's whole blood, blood serum or plasma, breath, or urine must be taken in order for the results of the test to be admissible as evidence."

Att.: Rep. who hit cop victim of racism
A lawyer for Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, says she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black." McKinney awaited word Friday on whether she would be charged for apparently striking the officer after she entered a House office building this week unrecognized and did not stop when asked.

Airing Uncle Sam’s dirty laundry
Uncle Sam may want to spread democracy around the globe, but human rights violations suffered by Blacks, immigrants and the poor, during and after Hurricane Katrina, are haunting him. “The actual television images that people saw around the world shocked so many people,” said Chandra Bhatnagar, of the ACLU Human Rights Working Group. “Activists from developing countries, poor countries, contacted me or said things to me about, ‘We can’t believe this happened in your country. We can’t believe this is how the U.S. government treats its own citizens or its own residents.’ ”

Marchers Seek to Delay New Orleans Vote
IF we can make it possible for IRAQ to have polling places in ameriKa, we can let these people vote!!!

War Against Iran, April 2006
The key lies in Executive Order 13292, which made information on "weapons of mass destruction" and on "defense against transnational terrorism" classified. If concrete details about Iran's alleged biological weapons programs were made public, they would be subject to public scrutiny and they would be discredited, as the allegations on Iran's "nuclear weapons program" have been.

Video: Chevy contest gets anti-SUV ads


Black Victims of the Nazis Exhibition sheds light on chilling experience of Africans under Nazi Germany
A compelling exhibition about the experience of African people in Nazi Germany takes you through Germany's colonial rule in Africa , theories of black inferiority, chilling experiments and the treatment of black POWs. It starts from the colonial territories in Africa where genocide took place in Namibia (which was called German South-West Africa then) of the Herero people, which was carried out by the German colonial powers in that territory.

British Trip A PR Disaster…
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was to head back from her trip to northwest England after a visit which shaped up as a public relations nightmare.

Iran Calls Second Missile Test a Success

Leigh Brady : Don't Worry - It's Just Another Palestinian Child's Death
Her name was Akaber Adbelrahman Zaid and she was on her way to a doctor’s clinic to have stitches removed from her chin. Instead she received a barrage of bullets to the head, when an undercover Border Police unit opened fire on the car in which she was travelling with her uncle. Unfortunately, cases like Akaber’s are a dime a dozen.


The new face of apartheid: J. Kenneth Hackwell's Ohio
Hamilton County Board of Election documents obtained by the Free Press and analyzed by Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, as part of an ongoing Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism (CICJ) investigation of the 2004 presidential election, indicate that 95.12% of the 3,342 rejected provisional ballots in that county came from the city of Cincinnati. Only 34% of Hamilton County voters, and virtually all African American voters, were from the city.

BETWEEN THE LINES: Race Dialogue Is Back, But … Did Racism Ever ...Go Away
Hurricane Katrina was a revelation for many who came of age in the Post-Civil Rights era, the era where the notion of race-neutrality also came of age. It’s also the age where America came apart—so much so that Colorblindness became the new “Jim Crow.” White flight to the “burbs,” deconstruction of affirmative action, economic boons of the 1980s and 1990s, re-emergence of white privilege, the decline of public education and the 9/11 attacks were all reasons to ignore race over the past 30 years. The separation in wealth, knowledge, geography and the nation’s shift in political ideology allowed us to deflect the race debate on every front.

Gelded Donkeys: Why the Democrats Are Worse Than Useless
The silence is beyond eerie. It is far beyond strange. It is almost surreal, as if we were living in a black and white movie without sound, trains of state plunging silently off of bridges of law into bottomless abysses of war, helpless damsels of the people tied writhing on the rails of justice awaiting ritualistic dismemberment by runaway locomotives of greed while the anxiously awaited hero-on-horseback somehow, inexplicably, fatally, never arrives.


These buttery fruit-and-nut bars taste like rugelach but are much easier to make.


'Inside Man' and Beyond:A Visit with Spike Lee
It's not the sort of Spike Lee film cinema observers have come to expect. First off, it's a thriller. And the $45 million budget shows just how far Lee has come since he produced She's Gotta Have It for $175,000 in 1985. That film made $8.5 million, and Lee has never looked back.



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