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Another Angle 31 - March - 2006

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Farrakhan Calls for U.S. 'Regime Change'

Watergate Figure to Attend Censure Hearing
Nixon White House counselor John Dean, testifying in behalf of a Democratic resolution to censure President Bush, asserted Friday that Bush's conduct in connection with domestic spying exceeds the wrongdoing that toppled his former boss from power.

Ex-New Orleans Cops Indicted in Taped Beating

NAACP: Florida Boot Camp Withheld Details

Black Panther's son lashes out at Daley
“We are here to further expose whether we are dealing with a democracy or a Daley dictatorship,” Hampton said at City Hall. “It’s bigger than a street sign. They do not want to talk about Chairman Fred and the assassination that Daley Sr., under his tenure, this went down.

Nick Berg's father runs for Congress
Almost two years after the videotaped beheading of U.S. contractor Nick Berg in Iraq, his father is running a third-party race for the U.S. Congress on a platform seeking a complete withdrawal of American troops. "Other than stopping this war, I have no political ambitions," Berg said. "Let's face it, I would not be running if my son had not died in Iraq. People would not have known my name, and the Green Party would not have asked me to run."

"White House Memo" Drives a Stake into the Heart of White House Lies
Why is the truth finally breaking through? Because of us - all of us.

Rice Concedes Errors in Iraq, Elsewhere
The U.S. diplomat met loud anti-war protests in the streets and skeptical questions about U.S. involvement in Iraq at a foreign policy salon Friday, including one about whether Washington had learned from its ``mistakes over the past three years.''

Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor
Just six months after the Pentagon agreed to reimburse soldiers who bought their own protective gear, the Army has banned the use of any body armor that is not issued by the military.
US to test 700-tonne explosive -

9/11 -- Eliminating the Impossible
"All you gotta remember is ... if something is something, it can't be anything else but that something. No matter how they dress it up, no matter how much lipstick they smear on it, it's still that something. It ain't never something else. Everything that's happened in the last five years, and everything that'll happen in the next five," Bernie said, "is a result of that one day Bush keeps throwing in our faces -- September the 11th -- September the 11th, September the 11th, September the 11th, Septem"
9/11 Truth Calling Oprah

If you start looking at them as humans, then how are you gonna kill them?
Becoming a peace activist, he says, has been a "cleansing" experience. "I'll never be normal again. I'll always have a sense of guilt." He tells us that he witnessed civilian Iraqis being killed indiscriminately. It would not be the most startling admission by the soldiers on the march.


Hamas says Israel's has declared war on Palestinians
“The initial results show that the Israelis voted for Olmert’s plan, which is a declaration of war on the Palestinians and the liquidation of Palestinian rights. The occupation is pushing the area towards greater escalation.”
US severs all ties with Hamas

US's Rice: US Might Back Israeli Border Plans -BBC
The U.S. may be open to backing Israel's Kadima party in plans to draw the country's borders without Palestinian input, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as saying on its Web site Thursday. The BBC added that Rice said a negotiated deal with the Palestinians was preferable, but seemed unlikely after the militant group Hamas won Palestinian elections.

Iran: Just-Tested Missile Can Avoid Radar
Iran successfully test-fired a missile that can avoid radar and hit several targets simultaneously using multiple warheads, the military said Friday.

Blackburn mosque cancels Rice invitation
Muslim leaders yesterday withdrew an invitation to the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, to visit a mosque in the Blackburn constituency of the home secretary, Jack Straw. Ms Rice was due to go to the Masjid al- Hidayah mosque tomorrow.

Exxon Mobil not welcome in Venezuela anymore
Venezuela's oil minister said today that Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's second-largest integrated oil company, was no longer welcome in this oil-producing nation. Exxon Mobil has resisted tax increases and contract changes that are part of a policy by President Hugo Chavez's government to "re-nationalize" the oil industry.
Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation


US envoy 'calls for new Iraqi PM'
Zalmay Khalilzad said President George W Bush "doesn't want, doesn't support, doesn't accept" the retention of Mr Jaafari, Rida Jawad al-Takki said. Mr Jaafari's spokesman accused the US of trying to subvert Iraqi sovereignty.

US Raid on Shi'ite Shrine Was 'Warning'
The U.S. military has long contemplated taking tougher steps against Sadr and his troublesome militia but has held off in the past because it did not want to antagonize his many fervent supporters. This raid, officials say, was intended as a reminder to Sadr of the U.S. military's reach in Iraq.


Weinberger, Bushes & Iran-Contra
Christmas Eve Day 1992, At the center of that historic moment was former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, who died on March 28 at the age of 88. In 1992, he was one of six defendants in the Iran-Contra scandal who received Christmas Eve pardons from President George H.W. Bush less than a month before Bush left office.
If Bush had not granted those pardons, Weinberger would have gone on trial in early 1993 facing perjury and obstruction charges, a courtroom drama that could have changed how Americans perceived key figures from the Reagan administration, including Colin Powell and President Bush himself.

Bush, Blair had ‘no evidence’ of Iraq WMDs

Repairing Rumsfeld's Damage


Private contractor could provide troops
Stepping into a potential political minefield, Blackwater USA is offering itself up as an army for hire to police the world's trouble spots. Cofer Black, vice chairman of the Moyock, N.C.-based private military company, told an international conference in Amman, Jordan, this week that Blackwater stands ready to help keep or restore the peace anywhere it is needed.

Delphi Seeks to Cancel Labor Contracts
Auto parts maker Delphi wants to cancel existing labor contracts. The United Auto Workers union is calling the idea an insult. The former General Motors subsidiary is expected to ask a federal judge for permission to cancel the labor agreements. Delphi is in bankruptcy, and says it needs to cut its wages and benefits to survive.

Rates on 30-Year Mortgages Rise

Blacks Left Out in Cold
DO YOU realize that the average white American family has $67,000 net worth, while a typical black household has just $6,166 in assets - less than one-tenth as much? Did you know that more black U.S. men are in prison (791,600) than in college (603,000)? Or that the jobless rate for blacks (10 percent) is more than double the white rate (4.4 percent)? Or that blacks depend on public transportation four times more than whites do? Or that the black infant mortality rate is double that of white babies?


JAMES CLINGMAN: First Things First
Economics does not have to be shrouded in confusing terms nor be as complicated as many would have us believe. For our purposes, economics must be lowered from the lofty heights of academia to the 'street talk' with which we are all familiar. It, too, must become a part of our vernacular, because at that level we can deal with our concerns, our complaints, and our problems with the only ammunition that is effective: Our Dollars.

Will The U.S. Nuke Iran?
In the new video produced with the support of volunteers of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), the UC San Diego Physicist and signatory to the petition Dr Jeorge Hirsch outlines the devastating consequences that are certain to follow if the U.S. pursues a policy of deploying nuclear weapons.


Surprising Expiration Dates


Georgia Bill Puts Fried-Pie Lady Back in Business
Willie Watts has been making fried pie in her Powder Springs, Ga., kitchen and selling it for about 20 years. State regulators forced Watts to move to a commercial kitchen last week. But the Georgia House of Representatives passed a bill that will allow Watts to return to her home kitchen.


A Cacophonous Affair: Images From Contemporary Africa
"Africa," the philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah wrote, "is a 'multiple existence.' " So it's fitting that "Snap Judgments" is a wildly diverse, cacophonous affair. This sprawling show presents the work of 35 photographers, from locales as varied as Egypt, Uganda, Mozambique, and South Africa, and whose approaches to the medium range from the austerely documentary to the resolutely fabulist.


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