Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama With A Whip

Time to start leading with a whip and a clenched fist.

I am so sick of reading about why The Obama Administration is afraid of this and how the don't want to upset that. They lost and it's time to pay the butcher's bill.

If McCain had won and the republicans had the numbers we have, don't you think...wait, we know how the would lead. And it's not about getting even.

If what we think is true about the economy, if what we know is true about our position in the world, if what we know is true about the condition of our education system, and on and on, we don't have the luxury of massaging hurt egos of the Republicans. Think about it, they have Governors who are actually posturing about the stimulus money. They, politically, don't have a clue. They never have cared about the state of the American people, and now in their frenzy to get power back, they show everyone just who they really are.

Booby Jindal Governor of Louisiana, one of the top states as far as poverty is concerned, I believe, and where folk are still trying to recover from Katrina, ACTUALLY said he might refuse the stimulus money. Keep giving us campaign commercials Booby.

This administration needs to follow their gut and do whats right for all of us. Ignore ignorance. Ignore backward thinking. Ignore the Republican party. Hitch them up to your wagon and run them until they bleed from every orifice.


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