Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I know this is not going to be popular but...

I know this is not going to be popular but, here goes… Afghanistan is NOT a just or righteous or legal fight.

Why are we there? What did the people of Afghanistan do to the U.S.? Where is the proof of anything being done by anyone over there to anyone over here?

Before you say anything about Bin Laden Stop!

The U.S. is there to destroy the Taliban! Not because of their treatment of women, it couldn’t be because of their religion since a cornerstone of our “nation” is the freedom to worship as we choose…right? Oh, ask the folk in Texas that one!

We were there for one reason GREED!

To change a government to secure a route for a pipeline. Oops that has failed. And to renew production of Afghan Heroin to the world. Something the Taliban had virtually stopped.

A lot of folk seem to think the lying started with Iraq.

The lying started as soon as this group decided on a candidate to support. Plans were already in place and ready to be implemented.

Folk seem upset about Iraq, be upset about the WHOLE THING!

Why? Because we got played for suckers

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