Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poor Little White Boy

Here is an actual email exchange over the last 24 hours between myself and a guy in Boston. A true American psychotic.

--- Gregory Williams wrote:> > If you have not heard Rev. Wright's comments in> context check them out here to find the truth. And> if you still think the man is crazy or a racist show> me!> > > > >

Tell the Whole Story FOX! Barack Obama's pastor Wright

FOX Lies!! Irresponsible Media! Barack Obama Pastor Wright

Alva Hare wrote:
America's chickens have come home to roost....Camera pans to black audience clappingWe took this country by terror....Bla bla bla fucking bla. Its a double standard. You can talk all the shit youwant about white people and excuse it. Its hypocrisyand unabashed racism. Borat Hussein Osama is a racist bigot. His wife is aspecial ed idiot that got into harvard instead of mebecause she is black. I am so sick of hearing it. Its a double standard. If McCain said the words "typical black person" hewould be forced out of the Senate. Black America's chickens are coming home to roost. 30years of affirmative action and what have we got?I want a free education at Harvard too.

My response is this and I put it here for the world to see. because it is past time for exposing this sick mentality.

I have known you for a long time, or so I thought. I guess we were just acquaintances. But thank God for Barack Obama.

You have a lot of knowledge but absolutely NO WISDOM. If there was a perfect place for you to live, it would be Boston, only back 35 years ago. That way you could stand out in the open and throw bricks at busloads of black children.

Your attack on the man's wife is childish. If she was special Ed, where would that put you, because she is obviously brighter and smarter than you.

Poor little white boy not smart enough to get into Harvard, and had to pay for and education to a school that gave me a scholarship.

I have no idea what other ethnic groups you have problems with so I'll keep the discussion to mine. Thank God for Barack Obama for allowing us to see people like you for who you really are. People like you are dinosaurs, relics of a past that should should have dried up, turned to dust, and blew away long ago. Unfortunately for us, we have this insane belief that people like you have "seen the light." Well you have but, it was a blacklight. A light from The LIAR.

What is it that scares People like you so much that you would have this nation continue down this suicidal path, than give a fair look at a Black Man. When presented with the facts that disprove the lies, you come up with things that have no basis in fact. Your mental illness has so deeply saturated you that there is no hope for you. Electroshock therapy would only make you retreat further into your insanity. Are you afraid that if a Black Man is President that you and people like you would have to give up the privileges and benefits you still enjoy from a paranoid and racist white society? That if there were truly a level playing field people like you would wind up working at a gas station? You know me and you know I am not afraid of telling you what I think, I just don't most times because peace is more important that being right. Your inbred thoughts of superiority are a hoax foisted on us and you. You are in no way superior to me or anyone else. the only way people like you keep what you think you have is by divisive lying ways. You are outnumbered in your own nation and you know it. That fact alone scares you to death. The fact that one day all those around you will one day realize what a fraud you really are and you will be reduced to nothing.

And don't think I have taken your comments personally and have anger or hate in my heart for you and people like you. It's more pity. Pity for a pitiful man with a pitifully small intellect living a pitiful, paranoid existence.

Thank God for Barack Obama. Why because he is forcing Closet racists like you into the bright light of day. You can't hide anymore and one day you will have to pay for your offences as will I. I will pray for you and those like you.

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