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Another Angle 28 - June - 2007

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History was made on this day:
1839 -
Cinque, originally Sengbe, the son of a Mende king, along with several other Africans, is kidnapped and sold into slavery in Cuba. Cinque and his companions will later carry out the famous successful revolt upon the slave ship Amistad. The rebels were captured off Long Island on August 26.


Sean Bell: The Fix Is In
The Queen’s district attorney’s office has already disqualified itself. Despite five fouls, it is still in the game. Civil rights pacifists, leading Blacks and Black selected officials must collect the courage to demand that the “steamroller”—Gov Eliot Spitzer—do his job. A special prosecutor must, immediately, substitute for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. He has fouled out.

The Fear Of “Magic Negro.”
At any rate he doesn’t look so “Magic” anymore does he? But this really isn’t “24,” the Secret Service is its own reality show called 24/7 and that’s what Obama needs. It seems those on the fringe are being roused; the white protagonists want him dead.

Whites Just Don't Understand the Black Experience
To white Americans, giving up television is a hardship; being black is not. That's the upshot of a series of studies by researchers at The Ohio State University

U.S. Social Forum kicks off in Atlanta
"Another World is Possible; Another U.S. is Necessary" is the conference theme. In the end, the U.S. Social Forum hopes to inspire less progressive talk and more action. "An interesting thing happens with these social forums around the world. You see it in South America, in Africa, in Asia -- a wave of change and grassroots political engagement follows," said Alice Lovelace, a USSF national lead organizer.


Turley: Avoid Bush’s Executive Privilege Claim By Investigating NSA Program As A Crime
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley claimed that Congress may be able to “get around the executive privilege in court” by saying “we are investigating a potential crime.” Turley said this was possible because warrantless wiretapping is “a federal crime” that “the president has ordered hundreds of people (to) do.”

Bush hypocritically loads up on earmarks.
President Bush has repeatedly attacked Congress for its earmarks and pork barrel projects. Yet a new House Appropriations Committee report accompanying legislation funding the Department of the Interior “shows that Bush requested 93 of the 321 earmarks in the bill.


Mugabe threatens to seize firms
Speaking at the burial of a senior military officer in Harare, Mugabe charged that some industrialists, including miners, had been drafted into a "regime-change" agenda by Britain, deliberately reducing production, raising prices and illegally banking foreign currency abroad.


US 'behind Baghdad hotel blast'
"Because the gathering [in the hotel] was supposed to be a step toward establishing national unity among Iraqi tribes, the US, through its terrorist operatives, tried to thwart the move," IRIB quoted al- Saberi as saying.

Government said to have lost control of Basra
As U.S. troops battle to retake Baghdad and surrounding areas, the government is reported to have lost its control of Basra where almost all of the country’s oil exports originate. The city, according to well-placed sources, is under the hegemony of militias who do not run its streets only but have imposed levies and taxes on oil output.

13, 129 :The number of Iraqi childen maimed by depleted uranium
They don’t hate you for your freedoms they hate you for starving, maiming, and murdering their children.

The Four Biggest Myths about the US War Against the People of Iraq
Lies about Iraq are easily disproved. The myths die harder. Bush lied about Iraq in order to attack and invade. The many myths, however, have to do with the geo-political significance of Iraq, US motives and incompetence, and the nature of the resistance to the illegal US occupation.


How to Destroy an African American City in 33 Steps
Note to readers. Every fact in this list actually happened and continues to happen in New Orleans after Katrina.

My heart is heavy, but my spirit is strong
Do you remember when television networks aired Roots for the first time? Do you remember how angry it made you feel? But also, wasn’t there a certain pride, even though they depicted our people as slaves? When we watched it, we developed a mindset of “Never again!!”


Autism symptoms reversed in lab
US scientists created mice that showed symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome - a leading cause of mental retardation and autism in humans. They then reversed symptoms of the condition by inhibiting the action of an enzyme in the brain.

Seven Things to Consider Before Buying an iPhone
Consumers are lining up to purchase the gadget, but do you really need the iPhone?


Reflections in an Ice Cube: The Drinks of Memory
On the most bruising summer days it’s hard to imagine ever staring down a stove again. Those are the times when stirring sugar into cold tea feels like all the cooking anyone can handle — and that sweetened drink seems like all the nourishment anyone will ever need. After all, the body can burn spare fat cells for days, but it hits real trouble after a few hours without liquid.


Lena Horne Turns 90
Songstress Lena Horne is preparing to celebrate her 90th birthday. Author Donald Bogle talks about Horne's legendary career as a singer and an actress as chronicled in his book "Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood."

Spike Lee To Make Broadway Debut With Stalag 17
"I'm very happy to get the opportunity to make my first foray into the theatre and Broadway. "I was too young to see the play but I've seen the movie numerous times and Billy Wilder is one of my favourite directors. This production will have a contemporary look, yet still stay true to the period and the original play."

'Ocean's Thirteen' Cast Donates $5.5M to Aid Efforts in Darfur
Clooney told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Rome that he was joined by Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and producer Jerry Weintraub in raising $9.3 million for Darfur, most of which was contributed at a dinner during the film's premiere last month at the Cannes Film Festival.


Daily Show: Lewis Black Exposes Right Wing Media Paranoia
Lewis Black goes to town on the “liberal media” paranoia that pervades the right-wing and leads them to do things like counter the “biased” Wikipedia with Conservapedia.

";Commandments of Secrecy"

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