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Another Angle 19 - May - 2007

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On This Day In Black History:

Malcolm X, Civil Rights leader, is born Malcolm Little in Omaha, NE. He will become a devoted follower of Elijah Muhammad in the Nation of Islam.


Malcolm X and the Fight Against Psychological Poison
As we gather in cities from coast to coast on May 19, 2007, to celebrate Brother Malcolm’s birthday, we must focus on developing ways to protect ourselves, and especially our children, from the psychological poison of the White supremacists and their self-hating and self-centered Negro allies in the entertainment, academic, civic, journalistic and political arenas.

Death or freedom as Abu Jamal faces crucial court hearing
The case being heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia could see Abu Jamal fast-tracked to lethal injection or gaining a retrial that could see him set free.
Amnesty has criticised the "confused and unclear" witness evidence about the shooter's description, including what clothes he was wearing and whether he fled the scene.
No ballistic tests were carried out to determine whether Abu Jamal had fired his gun, and statements he had made as a teenager were "improperly used" against him, the human rights body says

Detroit City Council votes to impeach Bush and Cheney

Study: Gulf War vets' children have higher birth defect rates
The researchers said they did not have enough information to link the birth defects to possible exposures to poisonous gases, pesticides and other toxic substances, which many Gulf War veterans suspect are culprits of their mysterious illnesses and their children's health problems. They also did not have access to parents' family histories and job exposures.
Depleted Uranium is the cause.

Congressman wants FEMA trailers hearings
Earlier this month, the agency dismissed findings by environmentalists that the trailers pose serious health risks from the known carcinogen. The agency said the fumes could be reduced by opening vents and windows, a strategy deemed unacceptable by Rep. Bobby Jindal (news, bio, voting record) in light of the region's heat and humidity.

The formaldehyde is mostly contained in particleboard used in the trailers, from walls to cabinets.


Black media delegation returns from Darfur
The truth concerning the atrocities and fighting in Sudan’s Darfur region—an area that is overwhelmingly Muslim and shares a border and tribal heritage with Chad—is more complex than the U.S. media would have you believe.

Congo: The Broken Heart of Africa : Video
Congo, despite being a country rich in gold and diamonds, has a poverty-stricken population. Al Jazeera's John Cookson investigates the corruption, smuggling and poverty blighting the central African nation.

Murder In Gaza
Al Jazeera English airs exclusive footage of a series of deadly Israeli air attacks in the Gaza Strip, one of which struck as Gaza correspondent Nour Odeh was live on air.


Immunity Sought for Cheney, Top Officials
Attorneys for Vice President Cheney and top White House officials told a federal judge yesterday that they cannot be held liable for anything they disclosed to reporters about covert CIA officer Valerie Plame or her husband, former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.

Condoleezza Rice-Cooked in Oil?
Now that Paul Wolfowitz has been more or less sidelined, how about some questions for Condoleezza Rice? What’s to ask Condi? Well, for starters about her role in the Oil-for-Food scandal–a role she might have played first in private industry, and then, as President Bush’s National Security Advisor


The Exodus: An Account of the Iraq Refugee Crisis


Freedom Rider: Should We Want a Black President?
Is Barack Obama more worthy of Black “loyalty than any other Democrat?” The answer is no - Black America should not “purchase a lemon” just because the “seller looks like us.” Obama has mastered the fine arts of bullshitology, while avoiding issues of core concern to African Americans in order the make white people feel comfortable. Why should Black America vote for a man who proclaims “there is no Black America?”

An Open Challenge To Angela McGlowan
Just like the other lightweight conservative frauds who the white right movement have propped up as their Negro of the moment, your arguments lack intellectual honesty or logic. Still, you like to say that those of us the far left (by the way, I consider myself an independent) are afraid to debate you on the issues. Well Angela, consider this an open challenge to you: I, the Field Negro, will debate you at any time and any place on the benefits and merits of conservative social and economic policies, and whether it's a good or bad thing for black folks.


Money Sense: Beware of Debit Card Fees
Once upon a time, banks were institutions primarily identified with saving money. Today, many banks seem better known for costing you money.


Researchers challenge JFK lone gunman theory
The researchers, including former FBI lab metallurgist William Tobin, said new chemical and statistical analyses of bullets from the same batch used by Oswald suggest that more than two bullets could have struck the president. "Evidence used to rule out a second assassin is fundamentally flawed," the researchers said in their article. "If the assassination (bullet) fragments are derived from three or more separate bullets, then a second assassin is likely."

Free integrated computer security software
I plan to try this out over the weekend. So don't take this as a recommendation as of yet but, from first glance it looks promising. If you have already tried it let me know how it worked. I will give a full report next week.


Plan to Plant Gene-Modified Rice Alarms Interest Groups
The company has introduced modified human genes into the rice in order to produce the milk proteins lactoferrin and lysozyme under the trade names Lactiva and Lysomin. Ventria, which has already tested the genetically engineered (GE) rice on children in Peru, wants to use the proteins produced by the rice to treat infants suffering from diarrhea. The company has also proposed to use the protein as supplements in yogurts, meal-replacement bars and beverages, granola bars and sports drinks for the general population.
Monsanto India: GM Foods, Crops - Preparing for Worldwide Genetic Control


These drop biscuits are as tender as they are easy; since the dough isn't rolled out, there's no chance of overworking it.


Producer: US trying to seize film
In March, Moore travelled to the Caribbean island with a group of emergency workers from New York's Ground Zero to see whether they would receive better care under the Castro regime than they had under George Bush. He had applied for permission to travel in October 2006 and received no reply. In a letter dated May 2, the treasury department notified Moore that it was investigating him for unlicensed travel to Cuba, or, as the missive put it, engaging in "travel-related transactions involving Cuba."
How Hollywood made America care about Darfur

Sly and The Family Stone's 40 Years of Music
Soul power-funk band Sly and The Family Stone are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a brand new box-set featuring the group's first seven albums. Rose Stone and Larry Graham, two of The Family Stone's original members talk about the band's contributions to popular music.


Guy in a Reagan Mask Runs for President

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