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Another Angle 6 - October - 2006

News others won't tell you


Sibel Edmonds: Freeh Investigated Hastert
In 1999, the Clinton Administration actually asked the Department of Justice to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hastert, and certain other elected officials that were not named in this (VF) article, to be investigated formally. And the Department of Justice actually went about appointing this prosecutor, but after the Administration changed they quashed that investigation and they closed it despite the fact they had all sorts of evidence, again I'm talking about wiretaps, documents- paper documents- that was highly explosive and could have been easily used to indict the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. That investigation was closed in 2001, and this was around the time I started reporting my cases to the Congress."

Video: Condoleezza Rice Facing 9 - 11 Commission.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice may have committed perjury in her testimony before the 9/11 Commission in May of 2004. At a minimum, her testimony was a convenient mishmash of half-truths and omissions which served to paint the White House as innocent bystanders as the attacks of 9/11 unfolded.

Ashcroft 'quit flying airliners pre-9/11'
In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term.

US set to cut deal with Taliban
Arguing that Taliban fighters were "too numerous and too popular" to be defeated, Frist told reporters after a visit to Afghanistan last weekend that "You need to bring them (Taliban) into a more transparent type of government... And if that's accomplished, we'll be successful."

Bushies 'used' Colin, wife sez

COLUMN: Jim Crow strikes back in election laws
Forcing people to pay for a photo ID or a government-issued proof of citizenship is the modern day equivalent of a poll tax. As the New York Times notes, this bill, which was passed along blatantly partisan lines, would ensure that "the electorate would likely become more middle-aged, whiter and richer and...more Republican."

Major Destruction of Workers Rights at NLRB Today

FLASHBACK: Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages


Sudan warns UN not to deploy troops
The Sudanese government warned the UN on Thursday that any deployment of UN troops in Darfur would amount to a "hostile act, a prelude to an invasion of a member country of the UN." UN Security Council president, Japanese ambassador Kenzo Oshima, called Sudan's warning "inappropriate and offensive."

Mau Mau veterans to sue Britain
The claimants say they were held for years in detention camps during the seven years after Britain declared the "Kenya emergency" in 1952.

Radical Islam takes hold in Maldives
Women in the poorer, outlying villages have been switching to a full headscarf and Arabic-style, loose, flowing, dark robes. They say they prefer to stay indoors. They have begun sending their children to the local mosque to be taught by the growing number of Islamic preachers on the islands. Men have begun growing beards, and asserting their dominance. New, grand mosques have also sprung up, paid for by donors in Kuwait, Libya and Iran.


America is living beyond its means
Consumers have been using their homes like ATMs - borrowing against rising prices - but this cannot go on forever. The US economy needs quite a prolonged period in which consumer spending grows more slowly than the economy.


Answer to AIDS Mystery Found Behind Bars
The surge in black AIDS patients -- particularly women -- since the early 1980s closely tracked the increase in the proportion of black men in America's prisons, which by the 1990s had become vast reservoirs of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Turn the Page
Foley's shame, although good for a laugh and crucial for the Fall election's outcome, will change nothing fundamental in Congress. Laugh through your tears.


His Last, Best Cause
He desperately wanted his death to matter as much as his life had. He sipped ginger tea in the low restaurant light and talked to a reporter who he allowed to chronicle the last weeks of his life. It would be his final activist effort. He wanted his story -- this story -- to serve as a cautionary tale, a warning to other black men to seek regular medical care: "Go to the doctor. Get your colon checked. Get a colonoscopy."


On Eve of War, Truman Turned to Comfort Food
On the eve of the war, Truman hosted a White House dinner for his war Cabinet that featured down-home dishes, including fried chicken and fruit cups.

Cobbler can be baked 6 hours ahead and cooled completely, uncovered, then chilled, covered. Before serving, let stand at room temperature 1 hour, then reheat in a preheated 350°F oven until warm, about 20 minutes.


Ray Sings and Basie Swings
The late Ray Charles never recorded with the Count Basie Orchestra. But a new album features Charles singing "Let the Good Times Roll" with Count Basie's band.

'Jazz Life': Images of a Golden Era of Music
The best photographers capture timeless moments that can define an era, or offer precious insights into the lives of the people in front of the lens. William Claxton has done both.



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