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Another Angle 24 - September - 2006

News others won't tell you


Letter from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Philadelphia Police Brutality
In the early hours of Saturday September 16, the following events were captured on a cell phone outside of a Philadelphia club.

Three former college football teammates of Sen. George Allen say that the Virginia Republican repeatedly used an inflammatory racial epithet and demonstrated racist attitudes toward blacks during the early 1970s.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Will The Next Election Be Hacked?
You do not have to believe in conspiracy theories to fear for the integrity of our electoral system: The right to vote is simply too important - and too hard won - to be surrendered without a fight.

In case you missed it:
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man:
We went to Saudi Arabia in the early seventies. We knew Saudi Arabia was the key to dropping our dependency, or to controlling the situation. And we worked out this deal whereby the Royal House of Saud agreed to send most of their petro-dollars back to the United States and invest them in U.S. government securities. The Treasury Department would use the interest from these securities to hire U.S. companies to build Saudi Arabia–new cities, new infrastructure–which we’ve done. And the House of Saud would agree to maintain the price of oil within acceptable limits to us, which they’ve done all of these years, and we would agree to keep the House of Saud in power as long as they did this, which we’ve done, which is one of the reasons we went to war with Iraq in the first place. And in Iraq we tried to implement the same policy that was so successful in Saudi Arabia, but Saddam Hussein didn't buy. When the economic hit men fail in this scenario, the next step is what we call the jackals.

The Doomsday Code
Though the USA constitution enshrines the separation of church and state End Timers are frequent visitors to the White House. No one knows if George W Bush is an End Timer himself, but his policies are at one with those of the evangelical Right and his language is often apocalyptic, such as when he describes the 'war on terror' as 'the epic struggle of good and evil'.


Venezuela rejects US apologies
The US state department has apologised to Nicolas Maduro who was detained for 90 minutes at New York's JFK airport as he travelled home. He had been attending this week's UN General Assembly meeting. He said he was verbally abused and strip-searched in what he said was a "flagrant breach of international law".


Video shows US troop bodies set on fire
An al Qaeda-linked group posted a Web video Saturday purporting to show the bodies of two American soldiers being dragged behind a truck, then set on fire. The acts apparently were in retaliation for the alleged rape-slaying of a young Iraqi woman by U.S. troops from the same unit.

Israelis in Iraq : Could Their Target Be Iran?
An Israeli security consulting form called Interop acted as the main contractor for the Hawler airport project and set up two subsidiaries (Kudo and Colosium) to carry out work in Iraq. Kudo and Colosium described themseleves as Swiss-registered companies.


There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here
George Bush is less than five weeks away from launching an attack on Iran. A navy "strike force ," including the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, has been ordered to make way toward Iran with an arrival date of October 23. A senior intelligence official says that the Joint Chiefs of Staff consider an attack on Iran to be inevitable and have moved forward on contingency planning to deal with the worst case scenarios resulting from such an action.


"Trap Door Has Been Sprung"
As Paul Ashworth, chief economist at Capital Economics said, "Things seem to be getting worse very quickly. Freefall is a strong word, but I think it's the right one to use here." (UK Guardian) The housing bubble is a $10 trillion equity balloon that will explode sometime in 2007 when more than $1 trillion in no-interest, no down payment, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) reset; setting the stage for massive home devaluation, foreclosures and unemployment.


What's Wrong With Calling Bush A Devil?
Conservatives were quick to lash out at Hugo Chavez for calling President Bush a "devil," but that's exactly what Rush Limbaugh was calling Democrats only a few years ago.

JAMES CLINGMAN: Mutombo Hospital Should Be a Slam Dunk
Like Dikembe Mutombo used to do, I am wagging my finger at some of his fellow NBA players and coaches, specifically those who are not financially assisting him with building a hospital in Kinshasa, Congo. Yes, some are doing their own projects, and other players should help them, too, but those players who are simply striving to make more money, to become the first billionaire athlete, and continue to squander their resources on trinkets made by everyone except Blacks should consider helping Dikembe.


Chi Runners Poised for Softer Landings
Putting one foot in front of the other comes easily. But, with a new focus on technique, many runners are trying to fine-tune their form for softer landings.


Sourdough: More than a Bread
Sourdough can be used in pancakes, biscuits, rolls, and even chocolate cake and brownies.

Make the starter at least a week before you make this irresistible cake. The longer it sits, the tangier it becomes. Sourdough starter adds moisture and tang to sweet carrots and cream cheese frosting in this simple-to-make one-bowl cake. The recipes for both the sourdough starter and the cream-cheese frosting are included.


Grigsby Bates on Her New Mystery Novel
Farai Chideya and Karen Grigsby Bates discuss Bates' new mystery novel, Chosen People, about a Los Angeles reporter out to solve the murder of a controversial black writer. Chosen People is the second book in Bates' Alex Powell murder-mystery series.


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