Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Angle 31 - July - 2006

News others won't tell you

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told the Syrian military on Monday to raise its readiness, pledging not to abandon support for Lebanese resistance against Israel.
"We are facing international circumstances and regional challenges that require caution, alert, readiness and preparedness," Assad said. "The barbaric war of annihilation the Israeli aggression is waging on our people in Lebanon and Palestine is increasing in ferocity," Assad said in a written address on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the foundation of the Syria Arab Army.


US prepares to leave South Korea
The coming pullout of US troops will be the culmination of a gradual slide that started after the end of the Korean War. When the shooting stopped 53 years ago this month, the US had 326,800 troops in South Korea. By 1960, that had dropped to 55,800. It fell again, to 52,000, when more soldiers were needed in the Vietnam War.


Cana/Kana of Galilee - First Water to Wine and Now Children to Dust
Jeus is said to have changed common water into very good wine at a marriage supper in Cana of Galilee. It is the Cana/Kana were recently an Israeli killed over fifty rather innocent people, including 32 totally innocent children. It seems that the place were water was turned into wine, the wine has now been turned into blood.
CNN anchor takes Israeli spokeswoman to task
Pictures From Qana
Israel bombs southern Lebanon just hours after promising halt


Iraqi Cleric Demands Cease-Fire in Lebanon
Iraq's top Shiite cleric Sunday demanded an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon, warning the Muslim world will "not forgive'' nations that stand in the way of stopping the fighting. "Islamic nations will not forgive the entities that hinder a cease-fire,'' al-Sistani said, in a clear reference to the United States.

Frank Rich : The Peculiar Disappearance of the War in Iraq
The specter of defeat is not the only reason Americans have switched off Iraq. The larger issue is that we don't know what we - or, more specifically, 135,000 brave and vulnerable American troops - are fighting for.


Venezuela: Oil could hit $100
"For us to have the same amount of revenues that we had in 1970, '74, you'd have to put the oil price close to $100 a barrel. They could reach that given certain factors."


America Transforms the Middle East, But Not As Envisioned
Who's sorry now? Washington was poised to take full credit for the realization of its transformative fantasy in the Middle East. Can Washington accept responsibility for the transformative catastrophe that its new strategic doctrine is even now bringing about?

The Black Hair Care Tragicomedy
An investigative documentary has been produced about the industry, obviously shocking Black people once again, maybe some of us will resolve to do something to reclaim at least a portion of that vertical market. After all, the last time I checked, no one is using Black hair care products except Black folks.

How low will you go, Joe
He liked helping black people when they were to be pitied, but when they had the same rights as whites, Lieberman walked away. I wonder how many black people are on his staff? After all, he had to hire an "expert" on urban voting to run his campaign. He hasn't had one living black politician of note campaign for him.


Keeping Cool: Salads Stay Composed
Like Caribbean tourism and ski shops, cooking slows down in summer. For many of us, the only tolerable cooking heat comes from a barbecue grill, and we turn to meals that are light, healthful and easy to assemble. This is when composed salads save the day.

Braising brings out the best in oxtails, the star of this long-simmered stew. *


A Jazzy Look at Prince's Dirty Side
Many jazz artists have mined Prince's songbook, but few explore the seedier side of his repertoire. Leave it to slide trumpeter and bandleader Steven Bernstein to offer a jazz take on "Darling Nikki," the infamous '80s track about a woman who, among other things, pleasures herself in a hotel lobby.


Fiore: Meet Knuckles: Coming to a Secret Prison Near You!

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