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Another Angle 7 - April - 2006

News others won't tell you


Bush Personally Authorized Leaking Classified Info To Make Case For Iraq War..
Bush and Cheney authorized the release of the information regarding the NIE in the summer of 2003, according to court documents, as part of a damage-control effort undertaken only days after former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV alleged in an
op-ed in The New York Times that claims by Bush that Saddam Hussein had attempted to procure uranium from the African nation of Niger were most likely a hoax.
Bush: "If There Is A Leak Out Of My Administration, I Want To Know Who It Is. And If The Person Has Violated Law, The Person Will Be Taken Care Of"... [Chicago, Illinois, 9/30/03]

Evidence Suggests White House Conspiracy
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald stated in a court filing late Wednesday in the CIA leak case that his investigators have obtained evidence during the course of the two-year-old probe that proves "multiple" White House officials conspired to discredit former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, a critic of the administration's pre-war Iraq intelligence.
White House Declines to Counter Leak Claim

Gonzales Suggests Legal Basis for Domestic Eavesdropping
Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales suggested on Thursday for the first time that the president might have the legal authority to order wiretapping without a warrant on communications between Americans that occur exclusively within the United States.

OpEdNews Editor Warned by Capitol Police For Article
I wrote an article the other day, Black November, in which I expressed my wish that Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell were both losing sleep worrying about people after them for murdering democracy. I gave a detailed description of what they should worry about. Katherine Harris may actually be worrying about it. I know because I got a call from a special agent of the Capitol Police checking with me on my article. She assured me that I hadn't broken any law, that this fell under free speech, that I'd been clear that I didn't want to harm her. But, she added, other people who might read my writing might be incited to action. I assured her that was not my intent. That seemed to reassure her a bit. But then she said that I was in a "grey area."

Charges over Ohio 2004 election, recount
The fix was in at the Cuyahoga elections board.
And where was the protector of the people - J. Kenneth Blackwell - while all of this was going on? And now he wants a promotion.

Alleged Rape by Duke Athletes Stuns N.C. Community
Prosecutors in Durham, N.C., are investigating a woman's claim that several members of Duke's lacrosse team raped her. Duke has canceled its lacrosse season, and coach Mike Pressler has quit. Steve Inskeep talks to Bob Ashley, editor of the Herald-Sun in Durham.

Martin Luther King shooting tapes released online
Thirty-eight years after he was assassinated on a motel balcony, photographs, recordings and police files that describe the death of Martin Luther King Jr. have been placed on the internet.

McKinney apologizes for 'physical contact' with cop...
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who on Tuesday abandoned his re-election bid under a cloud of ethics charges, weighed in on Wednesday, saying McKinney "is a racist." "She has a long history of racism," DeLay, R-Texas, said on Fox News Channel. "Everything is racism with her. This is incredible arrogance that sometimes hits these members of Congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney."

U.S. Will Pass on Rights Council, for Now
The United States was virtually alone in voting against the council when the U.N. General Assembly approved its creation last month. The Human Rights Council will replace the highly politicized and often criticized Human Rights Commission, which was discredited in recent years because some countries with terrible human rights records used their membership to protect one another from condemnation. ::::: The 9/11 Truth Movement
Although a spattering of mainstream press showed up, the media gallery at Rep. Cynthia McKinney's historic was filled with indie media and C-SPAN taped the whole event for broadcast "sometime in August," according their programming office. See Cynthia's website - - for an online archive of the briefing, which could be up as early as next week.

Gospel of Judas Iscariot
To most Christians, Judas is seen as a traitor, the disciple who betrayed Jesus to the Romans for 40 pieces of silver. But a newly restored papyrus document dating to the 2nd century AD portrays a very different man. Judas is shown as Jesus' best friend, asked by Jesus himself to betray his identity to fulfill the prophecy and liberate his soul to ascend to heaven.


Somalia may be proxy US-Islam battleground
Somalia's worst fighting in years suggests the failed Horn of Africa state may become a new proxy battleground for Islamist militants and the United States.
Washington sees Somalia as a terrorist haven and backs the warlords in Mogadishu, which may have galvanised the Islamists against them both, analysts say.

A replay of Iraq beckons in Darfur if we send in troops
Nato is already assisting with logistics for the 7,800 African Union peacekeepers in Darfur. Bush is pushing for a large UN force - perhaps 20,000 troops - to replace the AU, arguing that this would end the fighting there. This sounds good but won't work. Putting white, western, Christian troops in Darfur would unite all those fighting each other - in a holy war against outsiders.

Iranian democrats tell US where to stick its $85m

Air France to fly world’s first aircraft with inflight mobile phone system
This article confirms that cell phones require special equipment to be installed on planes in order to work while in flight.

AIPAC Pimps War With Iran
Iran’s persistent refusal to end its illicit nuclear programs is a direct threat to countries around the world. Iranian ballistic missiles are currently capable of delivering a nuclear warhead more than 1,200 miles. The video and maps below are intended to help you better understand the escalating threat that is Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.
American Jewish Committee Pimps War With Iran:
Another Angle helping you to recognize propaganda.

Israelis detain Hamas minister
Ahmed Jalajel, a photographer for the Al-Quds daily newspaper who was with Mr Arafa at the time, told the Associated Press: "They asked us for ID, they said: 'Get out.' He said: 'I am not getting out.' They opened the car and pushed him out. "They asked him to sit down on the ground, and then they checked the IDs. They asked him to get into their jeep. He refused, then they pushed him into the jeep."


Shiite Mosque in Baghdad Is Bombed

Saddam admits to village massacre
When will bushie boy admit to anything?


DeLay Implicated In FL Gangland Casino Boat Owner Hit
On April 1, the Miami Herald reported that Moscatiello was a long time informant for the FBI at the time of the murder of Boulis. Moscatiello quit his association with the the FBI shortly after the murder of Boulis. Recently convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his colleague Adam Kidan forced Boulis to sell Sun Cruz Casino Cruises to them in a scheme engineered by Gov. Jeb Bus to establish a GOP money launcering contrivance. The state pressured Boulis, a Greek national, to sell Sun Cruz to Abramoff because of an obscure state requirement that shipping companies be owned by U.S. citizens. Jeb Bush, using Florida's regulatory mechanisms behind the scenes, ensured Boulis was pressured to divest his interests in Sun Cruz to Abramoff.

Bush's Grand Game: A "PNAC Primer" UPDATE
It's time to re-examine The Project for The New American Century, about which still too little is known by the American public.


Seven Trends Spell A U.S. Financial Crisis
"Right now we face some powerful negative forces that could lead to a dollar panic, a stock market crash, or a banking crisis," said Investment U ( Chairman Mark Skousen in a lecture recently at Columbia University. "The basis of my remark," says Skousen, "is a warning issued by none other than former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker. A year ago he warned that 'The U.S. is skating on increasingly thin ice... The circumstances seem to me as dangerous and intractable as any I can remember, and I can remember a lot.'"

In a message that undoubtedly warmed the hearts of large media concerns such as Tribune Co., Gannett Co. and Media General, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin delivered a sharp critique of regulations preventing newspaper publishers from owning TV stations in the same markets, and pleaded with other publishers to lobby more vigorously for its repeal.


San Francisco Bay View - National Black Newspaper of the Year
Black churches filled the void in New Orleans left by agencies and the Red Cross.

"The Black church was the first responder, and the people were prepared to come to the church who knew nothing about FEMA, who knew nothing about the Red Cross, who didn't trust the Red Cross, who certainly didn't trust the federal government." From empathizing with the emotional devastation to assisting with financial needs, food, housing, clothing and counseling, thousands of Black congregations around the nation led the way in carrying out the mission that has been the Black church's legacy in times of crisis - caring for the hurting and left out and fighting for justice.


Battery electrodes self-assembled by viruses
Genetically modified viruses that assemble into electrodes could one day revolutionise battery manufacturing.


Virtual Pandemic: 90 Days to Infect Entire U.S.
The simulation is an attempt to map out what might happen with a very uncertain bug: the avian flu virus H5N1 is a particular strain that does not yet easily pass between humans. If it morphs into such a strain, however, human deaths could mount quickly. Meantime, vaccines developed for current strains would likely not be effective against whatever variety ultimately emerges.


Stop the Madness: Make Your Own Salad Dressing
Making your own salad dressing is embarrassingly easy -- and cheaper than buying it in the store. There's no end to the dressings you can make. Novices might begin by preparing classic French vinaigrette, which is the mother lode for so many dressings. The key is to strike the proper balance among acid (vinegar, lemon juice), sweetness (olive oil) and spicy (mustard, black pepper, hot pepper). It goes without saying that the better the ingredients, the more flavorful the results.

Cobb salad was created at the Brown Derby, which opened in Los Angeles in 1926. Owner Robert Cobb placed diced vegetables, chicken and cheese on a bed of greens, and topped it all with his French dressing. Most of the ingredients for this recipe can be found at supermarket salad bars.

In Barbecue Season, What Are the Risks?
It's getting to be barbecue season. People are starting to think about firing up their backyard grills, slapping on hamburgers patties and hot dogs -- getting ready for warm weather. But a recent news story caught commentator Ed Cullen's eye -- and got him thinking that maybe this barbecue thing isn't such a great idea.


Hip-Hop to the Nth Degree: Hyphy
Hyphy is a rap style out of the suburbs of San Francisco, defined by its fast pace and intricate wordplay. It's now getting national attention, as rapper E-40 has an album in Billboard's top 100. Youth Radio's Tapan Munshi explains.

Van Hunt channels Prince at L.A. gig
At times during his 55-minute set, he also channeled Rick James, outrocked Lenny Kravitz and echoed David Bowie, while his six-piece co-ed biracial combo brought back memories of prime Prince & the Revolution. But most of all, the 29-year-old singer-guitarist proved Tuesday that he is a star, albeit one with a grab bag of easily spotted influences.




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