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Another Angle 17 - January - 2006

News others won't tell you


Spotlight on Lobbying Swings to Little-Known Congressman
According to Mr. Abramoff's plea agreement, Mr. Ney provided a stream of official favors to Mr. Abramoff and his associates. In one case, the court papers say, Mr. Ney helped an Israeli company win a contract in 2001 to provide wireless service to Congress.

McCain campaigns for George Wallace, Jr.
McCain's Alabama visit drew fire from the Democratic National Committee, which said McCain should have denounced past speeches Wallace has made to the "racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC)," a group which opposes "all efforts to mix the races".

White House: Gore guilty of hypocrisy
McClellan said the Clinton-Gore administration had engaged in warrantless physical searches, and he cited an FBI search of the home of CIA turncoat Aldrich Ames without permission from a judge.

In Desperation, Gonzales Smears Gore
The issue with the Bush’s warrantless domestic wiretapping program is that it violates a federal criminal law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Despite what Gonzales is implying, the Clinton administration never violated FISA and never claimed they could violate FISA.

American who advised Pentagon says he worked at magazine that found forged Niger documents
While most Americans have yet to hear of Ledeen or Panorama, the confirmation of his work with the publication adds yet another dimension to the Niger forgeries scandal and possible U.S. government involvement in pre-war intelligence manipulation.

Nuclear War: Depleted Uranium
Since 1991, the U.S. has staged four nuclear wars using depleted uranium weaponry, which, like Agent Orange, meets the U.S. government definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Vast regions in the Middle East and Central Asia have been permanently contaminated with radiation.


Iraq captors threaten to kill journalist
Aljazeera aired a brief video on Tuesday showing Jill Carroll speaking to the camera, without broadcasting her voice. Carroll's former employers The Jordan Times published a Sunday editorial, stating: "The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs… Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. "


The man cannot even keep the lies straight any more
Bush at his best. Speaking off script.

Bush Can Be Sued on Faith Based Initiative
A three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday reinstated the lawsuit brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The group claims Bush's program, which helps religious organizations get government funding to provide social services, violates the separation of church and state.


Worry as Chinese reserves poised to touch historic US$1 trillion level
China has been investing its reserves in US government debt and held US$247 billion in treasury bonds at the end of October, making it the largest investor after Japan. The bank said the Government was looking for new ways to invest the money to seek higher returns.


Black Students Under Fire: Racial Profiling in Public Schools
In the past year black students have gotten dumped from classrooms or hauled off to jail for using a cell phone, talking in class, or simply calling names. And those being severely punished are getting younger. The arrest and manhandling by police of a five year old in Florida earlier this year ignited a firestorm of protest.


FDA warns diet drugs contain Prozac and Librium
Emagrece Sim, also known as the Brazilian Diet Pill and Herbathin Dietary Supplement contain controlled substances, found in prescription drugs that could lead to serious side effects or injury.

Pesticides Raise Child Risk of Leukaemia - Study
Exposure to pesticides in the womb or as a child can double the risk of developing acute leukaemia, French scientists said on Tuesday.


Nana Edie's Devil's Food Cake
This cake was very moist and chocolatey. Excellent frosting in terms of flavour and consistency. A very attractive homemade cake. And so easy and quick to put together. This is a classic old-fashoned chocolate cake, just like mom should have made!


Justice, Texas Style
Early one morning in 1999, dozens of young men, most of them black, were rounded up by police in Tulia, Texas, and charged with dealing cocaine. Texas Observer reporter Nate Blakeslee discussed the defendants' eventual exoneration, the corruption of the system, and his new book, Tulia: Race, Cocaine, and Corruption in a Small Texas Town.


'Alien' Embryo Removed From Man’s Back
A 35-year-old tractor operator, Igor Namyatov, has undergone surgery to be relieved of what had initially been diagnosed as a tumor, but turned out to be the embryo of his unborn twin brother (with photo).


Tom Tomorrow: 2006: An Excessively Optimistic Look Ahead

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